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Full Name: Itsy
Subspecies: Rock Wren
Sex: Female
Age: 3.4 (3/07/2014)
Birthplace: Somewhere In Nevada
At A Glance
Grey brown with black and white speckles.
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Grey-brown upper parts with small black and white spots and pale grey underparts with a light brown rump.
Itsy always acted as if she were bigger than she really is. She enjoys teasing other animals bigger than herself, despite the risks of becoming a snack in doing so. She is also cocky and prideful for her own good. And if anyone ever talks about her size in front of her, she would take it as an insult.
A day after hatching, her nest was attacked by a passing eagle, and killed her siblings. She never remembers it, but she was saved by her parents when they returned. She always believed she was an only child, and was spoiled rotten. She left home at an early age and ventured to the Teekon Wilds, searching for a new home to continue on with her new life.

On December 6th, 2015, Itsy left Teekon Wilds, and traveled forever onward.
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Not much for here. I'm Australian (now living in Hawaii.), 19 coming onto 20 in a few months. I write. Alot. And am a huge gamer. Oh, and autistic