Profile of Spine: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Muirrin "Spine" Blackthorn
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (May 17th, 2011)
Birthplace: Montana
At A Glance
Average looking female, brownish-gold eyes, black stripe along backbone from base of skull to tail tip. No noticeable scars and seems to be in good health.
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Profile of Spine: Details
Like most of the Blackthorn clan, a black stripe begins at the base of Spine's skull and continues along her backbone to end at the tip of her tail. The rest of her coat is rather unremarkable; a mix of the tawny, grey, brown, and white patterns that are generally typical of a Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf. Her eyes are a similarly typical shade of brownish-gold. Spine is of average build for a female her age.
Spine grew up among countless siblings and other relatives. Shortly after her second birthday, her grandfather died— the wolf she felt closest to— and desiring a sense of belonging, rather than being another drudge in a sea of wolves, she struck out on her own. Her first visit to the Teekon Wilds found Spine a pack of her own, Tuatha De. Unused to such notoriety and responsibility, she panicked and withdrew into herself. After some time, she abandoned the pack for the winds.

In her time away from the Wilds, Spine never returned home— instead spending time as a subordinate of a pack called Heartstone River. She earned her keep until her ambition got the best of her, and after a failed attempt to overthrow her leaders, the Blackthorn was once more left to her own devices. She eventually founded a second pack, Cherrywood Grove, where she ruled happily for a time— for once feeling at peace with herself and the world. However, while tensions were high between the Grove and a rival pack, Spine was met with a taste of her own medicine; exiled as the rest of the pack pronounced a younger female their queen.

Spine has returned to the Wilds, feeling lost, but unable to shake the ambition that has always been her guiding light.
Pack History
The Blackthorn family is large, both the matriarch and patriarch growing near the end of their child-bearing years — after producing litters nearly every year since they were able. Spine doesn't much talk about her relatives, though she holds no ill feelings toward any of them.
Blackthorn Forest
Lone Wolf
Tuatha De
Lone Wolf
Heartstone River
Lone Wolf
Cherrywood Grove
Lone Wolf
Profile of Spine: Additional Information
Because Spine's family is so extensive, you are more than welcome to join the game as one of her relatives — just shoot me a PM and we can work something out!
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