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Basic Info
Full Name: Carolina DeMonte née Shepherd
Subspecies: Great Plains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (May 28th, 2012)
Birthplace: Seven Lakes Basin, WA
At A Glance
A cold woman with a piercing stare. Her frame is robust and not at all dainty.
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Profile of Carolina: Details
[Image: lPM389a.png]A light gray wolf with darker hues of the colorless spectrum draped across her neck, back, hips, and tail. Her underside fades to white on her belly, with a splash of it beneath her jaw, and feathering the fur on the back of her haunch. A warm beige patterning is nestled between her shoulders at her nape, and as stockings on all four legs. Her paws and back of each leg are the same white as her underbelly. Her eyes are a pale sea green.

Age and experience has gifted her with a much firmer, more robust musculature. Thick chords of muscle wrap around solid bone concentrated around her legs and shoulders. There are many gnarled scars beneath her fur, but none of them are particularly noticeable. Her height is average, but she still cuts an intimidating figure.
Ambitious, strong-willed, and far too serious for a girl her age. This is due, in part, to her father's own heavy hand when he was raising his children on his own. She is straight-forward and driven by her own goals. She struggles to hide her emotions, and suffers a bit for it when interacting with others. As a consequence of being raised in a militant atmosphere, she fights with a self-imposed inferiority complex when comparing herself to others.

Years of solitude have dulled her emotion and they emerge only when the situation calls for it. Her ambition is reserved only for her work, and she has no aspirations to rise above her rank; content to fall in line and do as she is asked. She suffers from some form of PTSD but because she doesn't linger in one place long enough to make any personal connections with anyone, the symptoms mostly go unnoticed. Her standoffish demeanor and neutrality towards most situations are coping mechanisms for a bigger problem.

In normal circumstances she is impersonal, poised, and resolute.
[Image: wnRtoj1.png]Her earliest memories of her mother are of a warm belly and food, but any recollection of her face is lost to time. Killian reared her, with the help of his eldest children, to be obedient, thick-skinned, and driven to succeed. Though her father loved her, in his own way, she did not see nor feel it in their interactions. The only love and comfort she received was from her brother, Montana. He would often take her on day trips to various places within the Basin. Even then it was difficult for them to connect, because she was emotionally stunted early on from the carelessness of her father, and the absence of her mother.

When she met Rainier, she saw her chance of getting out of the regimented life her father had laid out for her. Carolina convinced him that it was worth seeing what the world beyond the Basin had to offer, and he finally agreed after she admitted she couldn't do it without him with her. They left under false names and were long gone before their parents discovered their absence the following morning. But instead of sending him back when she was well enough away, she found herself quite endeared by his easy-going way of life. Not quite in love, but not quite friends, she continues to drag him by the nose.

After their brief visit to the Teekon Wilds the pair continued south where they hit canyon country. They spent the winter at Dry Falls after amassing a following and conceived to cement their status as Alpha Male and Female. Carolina gave birth to two girls and one boy. The pair ruled for two years until Rainier made the poor decision to raid a neighboring pack for killing one of their recent dispersal yearlings in neutral territory. He, along with their Beta male, Bravo, their daughter Calla, and a few of their trusted warriors perished in the conflict leaving Carolina to lead alone.

The attack wiped out the most experienced of their defenders and she struggled through the next winter to keep the pack intact. She argued regularly with her son, Kentucky, who was bitter from his father's death and couldn't understand why he was not elevated to leadership. Sierra stood by her until she was courted by one of Bravo's eldest sons and left to begin her own family. Kentucky followed her.

That summer she made the difficult decision to disband the pack and leave the canyon country behind to live a solitary life. She has wandered alone ever since.
Pack History
Killian Shepherd is her father, and her mother is a long forgotten memory of her earliest days. Montana and Georgia are her older brother and sister by four years.

Rainier DeMonte was her mate and by him she had three children, Calla Lilly, Sierra and Kentucky.
SEVEN LAKES BASIN - Youth, Epsilon.
DRY FALLS - Alpha Female
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