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Mate to Scimitar
Basic Info
Full Name: Eshe "Quill" Frostfur
Subspecies: Multiple
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (3/17)
Birthplace: Dry Canyon
At A Glance
Taupe with expressive golden-brown eyes.
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Profile of Eshe: Details
Colored in brown, beige, cream, and gray, with bright gold eyes. Quill is average in build, and the sylph is easy on the eyes.
Generous and kind, Quill is a woman who trusts others with relative ease. She'll put herself out on a limb for anyone, stranger or otherwise. The woman is incredibly caring and loyal to a fault.
Lived in the canyon all of her life. In a takeover, she was the only wolf to get away with her life. This was all assumed, of course. Upon returning to the lands to see if there were any survivors, she was chased off before she could fully investigate. The woman once named Eshe Endore after a great relative of hers changed her name to begin anew, her broken heart well hidden. Recently, a ghost came back into her life, very much alive. With the return of Bhreac into her life, Eshe falls back into her birth-given name. She adopts "Quill" as a middle name, and still answers to it.

Upon meeting a man name Scimitar, Eshe immediately becomes smitten. She is between Riordan, an Irishman, and him in her heart of hearts. She chooses Scimitar upon noting his scent missing, and leaves the Hollow pack she joined to follow him. He then informs her he is a married man (with children), but she is not put off and joins he and his family on their sojourn to another land. Eshe is a good subordinate and is friendly to all, though she ceases her advances on Scimitar for the sake of the family. Only when she comes into heat is she unable to deny her feelings or her attraction, and she informs him of both prior to taking a short leave of absence until the end of her heat. Eshe holes up, and upon her return, Scimitar lets her know it is reciprocated.

Bazi banishes both upon their telling of this, and Eshe begins to officially be courted by Scimitar.
Pack History
Mate—Scimitar Frostfur
Rannoch Endore the fifth x Maree
Littermates: Bhreac (sister)
Dry Canyon—Cub, Theta, Beta
Everwinter Ridge—Multiple
Lone Wolf
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