Profile of Pearl: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Pearl Iosila-Rochester
Subspecies: Great Plains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old (April 6th, 2013)
Birthplace: Outside the Wilds
At A Glance
An agile, small, pale white wolf with piercing light green eyes that seem to see right through you. A fluffy, furry face gives her a younger, more feminine look.
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Profile of Pearl: Details
Pearl is a pale white wolf with black highlights on her paws, ears, and tail. Light brown tufts are woven into her fur, more prominent in her ears and on her chest. Her eyes are light green and filled with laughter.

Her build is light, small, and fast, but she is very strong from countless runs and hunts across the plains with her friends and younger brother.

The mouth is almost always pulled up in a smile or a grin.
Pearl is generally a happy wolf, with a mediocre patience level, but has a big temper when she's pushed too far. She's pretty quiet and polite, but has a great sense of humor and loves to make others laugh. She prefers to watch and observe others before speaking out, to avoid trouble.

She is always open to friends and others who need to talk. She likes to listen, but is always working on solutions. Occasionally, she likes to cause trouble and mess around when things get too boring or stiff.

Pearl loves to explore new places, preferably alone, but anyone is welcome. But, when things get to be overwhelming or too much for her to handle, she runs off to lonely or high up places to think.
Pearl was born outside the Wilds, raised by her mother with her younger sibling. Her mother and the rest of the pack went hunting for bison when she was one and a half, but the bison got spooked, stampeded, and took a turn for the worst by trampling the hunting party, then their camp. There were only a few survivors, but they were all of lower rank and did not have the necessities for keeping everyone alive. They couldn't form a full pack to survive, so they split up and went out on their own.

After traveling for three months with her rougher younger brother, they came across a violent war pack in Idaho. Her brother was immediately accepted and found both a place and a mate, but she was turned away for not being willing to conform to their ways. She set out on her own, partially betrayed by her brother. She lived as a loner, faring well upon her entrance to the Teekon Wilds three months later.

After living with Lasher and the BDP wolves for nearly a year, including a move to the coast, she was approached by her best friend, Sebastian. Together, they went to go form their own pack, later becoming mates and co-alphas.
Pack History
5/14: Mated to @Sebastian Rochester

10/21 Litter: @Mato Rochester-Iosila (Male), @Nova Rochester-Iosila (Female), @Ivy Rochester-Iosila (Female), @Benjamin Rochester-Iosila (Male)

Theta (08/15 - 08/15)
Epsilon (08/15 - 09/15)
Delta (09/15 - 10/15)
Gamma (10/15 - 12/15)


Gamma (12/15 - 3/16)


Theta (3/16 - 4/16)
Gamma (4/16 - 5/16)
Alpha (5/16 - present)
Profile of Pearl: Additional Information
Speaks some of the Lakota language taught to her by her mother; words/meaning listed here:
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