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Full Name: Teklar Ostrega
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley x Eastern Timber
Sex: Male
Age: 3 + years (April 1, 2010)
Birthplace: Northwestern Wyoming
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Ghostly. Savage. Intelligent.
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Teklar's pelt is primarily white, save for the dusting of obsidian across the saddle of his back, and rich amber eyes burn with a fierce intensity. Currently weighing in at just over one hundred seven pounds, he stands nearly thirty-one inches tall at the withers and is close to six feet long. Notably, Teklar's current weight is due to the inability to frequently succeed in large game hunts, per his lone-wolf status. As a pack wolf, his genetics provide him the potential to breach one hundred twenty pounds.
Will bite.
Teklar is the eldest (neverborn) son to <b>Sven</b> & <b>Esmerine Ostrega</b>.
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Avatar by Alex. Commissioned by Houkie. Love her.<br>I work Saturday - Monday most weeks and will primarily be making my replies on weekdays. :)
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