Profile of Steady: Quick Facts


Mate to Valette

Basic Info
Full Name: Steady Wisconsin
Subspecies: Great Plains x Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (3 June 2014)
Birthplace: Wisconsin
At A Glance
As black as his sister is white, Steady is the colour of night. He has orange-brown eyes and is well built, strong and stable with the physical ability to do anything he so desired.
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Profile of Steady: Details
Steady is more Mackenzie Valley wolf than Great Plains, with the colouring and stature of his mother. He towers above his siblings and reaches the an impressive 150 lbs. He is sturdy and well built with only a tint of Jacko Bean brown (#2E1905) in his fur. His eyes are a Soy Bean orange brown (#6A6051) that can fade in the darkness, causing him to completely disappear in the dark, if he wishes, with only a tiny reflection to betray where he is.
Steady is wise beyond his years. His brute strength is only matched by his gentle personality. However, he is fiercely protective of his family and pack mates, and has no qualms about defending them. While he didn't grow up to be a fighter, after joining his brother's pack and sparring with Zaria, he has come to enjoy fighting, though only when called for. His heavy body can be a hindrance when hunting, but he does his best to provide for others.

Unfazed by whatever may come his way, Steady takes each day in his stride.

After becoming Alpha, Steady's main goal is to protect his family and packmates, and there is nothing off limits when it comes to that. He is not afraid of killing another wolf to save his own, and has demonstrated this several times over. But, he is loyal to his packmates, and would lay down his life for them.

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Steady lived at home with his siblings Charming, Gracious and Benevolence. He had no plans to ever leave until, bit by bit, change came to the pack. His sister, Benevolence, left to found her own pack and Charming was given the title of heir when he took a mate.

Gracious had decided she wanted to strike out on her own and see what she could do and so, not wanting her to be alone in a strange new place, Steady announced he would go with her.

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Pack History
Parents: Melody, Dutiful
Half-Siblings: FitzDutiful
Littermates: Charming, Benevolence, Gracious
Niece and Nephew (Fitz x Raissa): Mason, June
Nieces and Nephews (Fitz x Zaria): Solemn, Odette, Stoic, Adeline

Adopted Children

Mate: Valette 22 January 2017
Silvertip Mountain
        Eta (09/24/2015-10/11/2015)
        Epsilon (10/11/2015-10/18/2015)
        Delta (10/18/2015-10/25/2015)
        Gamma (10/25/2015-11/08/2015)
        Delta (11/08/2015- 01/11/2016)
        Beta (11/11/2015-06/5/2015)
        Alpha (06/05/2016-10/01/2016)

Oct 1st: Silvertip Mountain moved to Stone Circle, and renamed themselves Easthollow

Stone Circle
        Alpha (Present)
Profile of Steady: Additional Information
[Image: 6MPxF9W.png]Artwork by Stella

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Artwork by H20
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