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Basic Info
Full Name: Kendra Boethiah Rochester-Melonii
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (07/10/2015)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
At A Glance
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Profile of Kendra: Details

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Kendra has the black fur of her mother. She also adopted the 'Rochester' dots on her brows from her father's side of the family. Same goes for her father's pale blue colored eyes she is sporting. Kendra is a normal sized female, compared to her father's genes she is on the small size. Ever since Kendra found out how to make dye (Red and Purple) she dyes the tip of her tail a shade of purple to separate herself from the many other black wolves in her pack. She does this every other week. In winter her tail often lacks color seeing there are less flowers and fruits around to make the dye from. [/tr][/td]
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Kendra is a peculiar girl. She is definitely not like other little girls. She doesn't care about labels or titles. She keeps her calm most of the time, only expresses most excitement while learning something new or being busy with plants. She is very curious about anything related to nature. Being around adults mostly she copies their behavior and tries to mimic how they converse.

Currently Kendra is pretty different from what she was before. The curiosity is still there but due to mental issues because of abandonment she is rather unreliable and unstable. She can go from attacking loved ones to blankly staring before her.
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Born on the 7th of October. Only a month later her mother Meldresi died of bad after effects from the birth. Kendra grew up to be a bit peculiar. She is always curious about her plants and lived her life as a normal girl growing up. She had her little quirks but was still relatively normal, until her twin brother died. Her whole life Kendra has been abandoned by the ones she saw as family. The final straw happened when her father left.

Mental issues started to kick in, and it is unclear if she ever goes back to the curious and eager to please girl she was before. Now her mind usually twirls around the pain she endures, she wants to inflict that on other wolves to have someone she can share her pain with. She went from peculiar to crazy. With that added craziness the girl is open for new things. She wants to try and be 'light' instead of dark but is not always succeeding.
Pack History
Kendra is the daughter of Burke Sebastian Rochester and Meldresi Melonii. She has a twin brother called Pietro Hircine Rochester. She has three older half-Siblings Damien Mehrunes Melonii, Cicero Sheogorath Melonii, Potema Vaermina Melonii.
Born - 07.10.15
Youth - 07.10.15 - 09.07.16
Initiate - 09.07.16 - 12.08.16

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