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Basic Info
Full Name: Haven Louloúdi Astéro̱n
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 Year (May 2014)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Haven: Details
Haven is a grey wolf with long silky fur. Her unders are milky white, her top is marbled grey, with hints of washed out silver and her sides are a caramel brown color. This beautiful she-wolf has a white mask around her muzzle and eyes, and her eyes are golden like the sun. She has a average sized build, right in between bulky and scrawny. She has a short plushy tail and big paws. She is stronger in agility than in force, due to her powerful legs. She often has a kind a soft look on her face, that is unless she is angry or feeling sassy. In that case she can look meaner than a mother bear who's lost her cubs. Haven still bears that childish look about her, but she is growing into a very beautiful and fiminine wolf.
- Front left paw has a limp from a hunting mishap
ENFP-T The Campaigner : Playful : Passionate : Loyal : Humorous : Sassy : Curious : Adventurous : Trusting

Haven is many things. She can be soft, playful, and happy one moment, then the next she can be harsh and rude. She enjoys playing around and laughing with others, but she is very rule harsh. She knows her place in the pack, and will fight to keep it, making her a bit of a badass at times. She is very trusting, if someone earns her respect of friendship, she will trust them with her life. She's very loyal and would never desert those closest to her.

Haven is a dreamer. Curiosity killed the cat they say, well Haven is most likely that cat. She's constantly trying to find understanding of what's going on around her and she hates not knowing things. She adventurous, willing to get into tricky situations for the fun of it. Haven is also rather impatient. She will often pace about, waiting for things to get done. She's also a worry wart. If someone's not back from a patrol in time, she usually assumes the worst.

However through Haven's many flaws, she is one wolf to always have by your side. If you've won Haven's trust, than you can always count on her to be there. If she looks up to another, such as her Alpha, than she will trust them with her life and follow their rule. She is loving and sympathetic, and feels the urge to relate to all those around her. She always has to know where they're coming from before she judges them. Though she can be too trusting and naive at times, she always stays true to her heart, and to those she loves.

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Persona inspired by Clara Oswald from Doctor Who
Haven was born in a forest beyond the boundaries of Teekon Wilds. She grew up in a small pack with her family, where she was taught strictly to abide all rules. She loved her pack, Ivory Falls, her parents being the Alpha pair. Her parents were kind, harsh but kind. Her uncle was the gamma, great uncle Vern was his name. She was very close to her sister Maja, a brash and tomboyish female who Haven could tell all her secrets to. The two would spend days on end together, getting into mischief and other sorts of fun. Her brothers, Ares and Aduin were in great contrast to each other. While one was shy, playful and sensitive, the other was strong, brave, and cocky. Her other sister was sweet and distant most of the time, always dreaming up fantasies. The Asteron pups were a very mismatched litter, but they loved each other deeply.

One dry summer day there was a huge forest fire, Haven was out hunting when it happened. She saw the lightning strike, but wasn't fast enough to get home in time. Her family was gone by the time she returned. Haven searched for them for a long time, but knew she had to move on with her life. She wandered the wild for a while, until she found Teekon Wilds. She had heard of the packs there and went to seek them out. As she's found her way in Teekon Wilds, building a new future, she still has a hard time forgetting about Ivory Falls, especially her sister Maja.

Once in Teekon Wilds Haven joined Jade Fern Grove. They were very kind to her, but she met someone else. A lone wolf named Sebastian. He was sweet and thoughtful, and the two quickly fell in love. She left to be with him just as the Grove pack was falling apart. They searched the wilds for a while, looking for a new place to settle. Along the way she was reunited with her brother Aduin and sister Maja. Everything was going fine for them, until she twisted her leg out hunting and got snowed into a cave. It took a while before she could move again, her leg healing improperly and giving her a small limp. When she finally made it back to where her family had camped, they had already left. She followed them for a while, determined to win them back to her.
Pack History
Mother and Father
Sierra ♀ and Nevouku ♂
Aduin ♂, Ares ♂, Owl ♀, and Maja ♀
Biological Pups
Adopted Pups

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JADE FERN GROVE - 9/30/15 - 11/7/15
- Theta, Eta, Epsilon
LONE WOLF - 11/7/15 - 1/30/16
- Zeta

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