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Basic Info
Full Name: Jormag von Karma
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (11th of January, 2011)
Birthplace: Far, far away
At A Glance
Instinctual, rebellious, stubborn, determined, dominant & creative.
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Profile of Jormag: Details
Jormag has a tall and athletic build, giving him an almost regal appearance. His coat is midnight-black, mismatched with silver linings in his thick, neck area. Along the left side of his muzzle runs a scar, the only visible remainder from an old fight he never speaks of ever again. He has piercing, golden eyes.
Shaped through the dawn of time, Jormag is strong-willed, spirited and determined to set out his own path. Living by his own code of conduct, he is not easily impressed nor convinced by authority figures after having defied his own father.He is a lone wanderer by nature and keeps mostly to himself while submitting himself only to the laws of the wild. He strongly believes in his own sense of right and wrong, despite what everyone else things, and tends to strongly follow his own heart. His biggest belonging is his own freedom. Despite his longing for solitude a strange turn of events makes him curious about the whereabouts of others.
Perfection was the keyword to the Von Karma-lineage. Jormag’s dad had a great lust for perfectionism while needing to keep an iron grasp on every little detail within the pack. He governed the pack harshly while shaping and bending things to his own will and desire. If someone or something did not fit within his perfect state it was easy to dispose of.
Jormag grew up believing everything his father created. A kingdom of perfectionism was the only way to live until a dark event shattered the world underneath his feet. It caused a sudden uproar of his own believes and everything he had learned until this very day. Forced to face the wrath of his own father, Jormag defied the rules of perfectionism and clashed with his dad in a physical fight. The son of the Von Karma authority lost the fight ..and almost his life. Until this very day a scar is a remainder of that uneventful day.
It was at that point in time he left his own pack while adopting his own beliefs and code of conduct. ‘Never again’, he promised himself, to live by somebody else’s set of rules and regulations unless he approved and believed in them. Until that point, the biggest thing he has is his own freedom. He cherishes and is bound by it.
And one day he plans to get rid of the Von Karma name and adopt his own.
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