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Tachyon Sr
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Basic Info
Full Name: Tachyon
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (2013)
Birthplace: Gris Dalr Forest
At A Glance
a snowkissed, furry grey. his gaze was golden and soft, deep black pupils punctuated by a gentle and liquid gold. he had broad and ample limbs, a robust frame, and a soft and silky grey coat. at the time of his death he was bone-thin though in good spirits.
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a pale-stricken beast, smokeborn with dashes of ash grey bepopulating his plush pelt. his muzzle was broad, his ears shorn, and his cheeks adorned with lofty tufts of silvered fur. set well within his thickset muzzle were a pair of soft golden eyes. despite a cobbish and stout frame, tachyon retained a semblance of predatory elegance. he was possessed of a deep chest and fistful of limb, and while not distinctly large for his species he was constructed of substantial bone. tachyon served donnelaith dutifully until his disappearance on june 24th, 2016 - it is suspected he passed from the infirmities of the famine.
tachyon possessed a general blandness about him, one that suggests both median personality and intelligence. he tended not to diverge into any extreme -- he was neither violent nor peaceable, dim nor ingenious, pessimistic nor optimistic. he was a fairly straightforward individual, though he was easily influenced by the company he kept and at heart, was a fellow kissed by cheeriness. he harbored great adoration for lasher and his brood, and lasher's death irrevocably changed tachyon.
tachyon came from a worshiping homestead, where wolves were either hunters or seers. showing no great inclination for either, Tachyon amicably departed and had been a lone wolf since his termination with Gris Dalr.
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tachyon found homestead in donnelaith, particularly fond of deirdre.

during his stay in donnelaith, tachyon found a paramour in lusca, who did not initially return his affections. after great length with the sulky female, tachyon finally courted her -- only to have her suddenly disappear a few weeks after their mateship.

devastated, tachyon assumed lusca deceased, unaware she had been captured by the siren queen caiaphas. he grew somewhat less cheerful, and was prone to small fits of occasional melancholy following lusca's assumed demise.

in the weeks following, a massive famine broke out through the wilds. Lasher's death by starvation came as another sudden, undeserved blow -- and was arguably the last straw in a long series of pitfalls. broken and battered, tachyon visited the forest where he had first met lusca, closed his honey-hued eyes, and never opened them again.
Pack History
Tachyon courted Lusca, who he considered his paramour. Tachyon's adoration for Lusca was ultimately unrequited, though their brief romance yielded a brood of three puppies: Lycaon, Wylla, and Ingram.
-- Traveled with Lusca
-- Iota (2/02/15-2/14/15)
-- Theta (2/15/16 - 2/21/16)
-- Gamma (2/22/16 - death)
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