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Basic Info
Full Name: Lusca (luh – ska)
Subspecies: Coastal wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (04/04/14)
Birthplace: Grimalkin Ridge, Idyllwild
At A Glance
[Image: oh7k7b.png]

Gamine. A diminutive wolf, slight of stature; black, smokey agouti with stonewashed tawny saturation and a faint ombre effect washing her coat. All-black, snipey features frame a pair of striking pumpkin-huen eyes.
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Profile of Lusca: Details
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Lusca is best described as a fusion of nightfall and daylight –skewbald in appearance with merling of dilute ashbrown, points of dark silvery cappuccino intermixed, flushing her nape, waist, and hackles. Two distinct wedges of brown paint her brow.

Her legs appear to be dipped in ink and her countenance is blacked out entire––an unsettlingly aphotic space were it not for the kilnlit gaze kindling it.

Note: During colder months, when her coat is plusher and fuller, Lusca may appear plumb black save for the bronzing of her scalp, withers, and the hind-end of her thighs.

Petite but with legs for days, she is distinctly feminine. She's no more than 25kg (55 lb) soaking wet and 29" at the withers. Prick eared that are often airplane poised, and her snout is conical with her skull possessing an understated stop.

Back pattern I
"He attacked everything in life with a mix of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence, and it was often difficult to tell which was which."

[Image: tumblr_nbefp6a1mZ1rwcfrqo1_400.gif]

A hoyden in the truest sense of the word. She is presumably unable to keep the feather-end of a thought off the enamel of her teeth, Lu has a flair for finding herself a victim of tragic circumstances involving things bigger and more intimidating than herself. She has an imaginative, artistic mind, charmingly idiosyncratic in her mannerisms and, so she likes to think, revolutionary in her methods.

There is an undertow of machiavellian mischief that is quintessential as an aspect of her character. She is yet to strike a balance between being family friendly yet wildly troubling to those who wrong her, offsetting scorched earth with class. Her wiles are imperceptible and southpaw.
[Image: 5l4613.png]

11/15––Arrival in the Teekon Wilds, underfed and rattleboned.
01/16––Encounters Tachyon, a flirty Casanova in his own right, on the beach. They strike a deal, with Lusca's end being that she will remain his trusty travel companion until they reach inland, and Tachyon's being that he provides hearty meals for her for that duration. He fails to properly uphold his end of the deal. The entire month of January is dedicated to him attempting to endear himself to Lusca, but she remains frigid.
02/16––During an exploratory mission, Lusca discovers an eerie appearing grotto on an unfamiliar stretch of beach. Curiosity, once again, spirited away with her common sense and she made the unwise choice to cross the ingress. Upon entry, Lusca is baited deeper into the passages by a sea witch by the name Caiaphas, who later pushes the girl down a vent in the limestone, fracturing Lusca's leg. She takes her as a captive under the threat of mortal injury.

some shit happens and stuff i'm too lazy
Pack History
Departing from her family group as soon as she came of age, neither her parents nor siblings have been relevant in her life. She is the dam to three pups: Wylla, Ingram, and Lycaon, fathered by Tachyon with whom she was pair-bonded. Her second daughter, Singra, was concieved during a venereal encounter with an unnamed male dispersal wolf whom was chased off immediately after their rendezvous. Through Wylla she has one granddaughter, Tiercel and through Lycaon she has one grandson, Svalinn.
Dispersal wolf
Saltwinter – Omega (Thrall – involuntary), Zeta, Epsilon.
On the lam – Lone Wolf 2016 - 2016
Keokuk Glade – 2016 - present
Profile of Lusca: Additional Information
at a glance art done by anya, biography drawing by me, all other illustrations credited to my bb lauren/caiaphas.
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