Profile of Warbone: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Arkham Solothurn
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5+ years (October 31)
Birthplace: South: Tall Timbers
At A Glance
An imperious bronze stag with a particularly standoffish habitation. The left side of his face has been heavily scarred by an unfortunately placed bite, leaving the heretic with only one viable eye.
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Profile of Warbone: Details
In his entirety: broad and towering. An auburn titan fine-crafted for the rigors of hunting. He is explosively powerful in short bursts, sauntering at a cocksure pace when not in direct action, and carrying his squared, heavyset frame on ostensibly massive paws. Littered with scars— most of them hidden beneath thick and unkempt fur— he is colored a deep copper-brown; agouti-marked tediously in black and red, with sparser strands of silver along his spine. His remaining eye is a chilling olive color.
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Pack History
Partner: Saena
Offspring*: Unknown
Miscellaneous: Duskvale

Parents: Hoeinheim and Netiri
Siblings: Badyr, Sivra, "Hassle" Haskel, and Monty (oldest); Esk and Betinam (older); Rama and Osse (littermates); Machina "Gypsy", Gregorous, and Betelgeuse (younger); Frigga, Ixkin, Nomar "Ermine", and De Zevala (youngest)

*only known descendants are listed
HESI DRIHLIRI · Youth, Boarbone, Bloodbone, Warbone (October 2011 to June 2013)
MIRROR LAKE MOUNTAIN · Interloper (August 2013 to September 2013)
THE BLAAKJAWS · Usurper, Banished (December 2013 to February 2014)

SLEEPING DRAGON · Theta, Eta (March 2016 to April 2016)
MARAUDER'S KEEP · Alpha (April 2016 to May 2016)
DUSKVALE · I (October 2016 to Present)

Times unaccounted for were spent as a Lone Wolf
Profile of Warbone: Additional Information
As of October 2016, Warbone will rarely appear outside of Northstar Vale.

Raised under a culture invariably based on myth, Warbone grew up speaking Draconic or "The Mother Tongue (Wer Dask Ooble)" with the same fluency as English. After his first year, he began to cease worship, and by the next year he had left Hesi Drihliri and stopped his use of the Tongue almost completely. Following a violent trauma in the summer of 2016— leaving him with antero- and retrograde amnesia— he started to infrequently use the foreign language, and not remember why.
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