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Full Name: Trouvère DeMonte
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (December 19, 2012)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
At A Glance
White wolf with a light dusting of coal upon his back, soft champagne eyes.
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Though it would have done him far better to have inherited his mother's sweet, well-mannered personality, Tru instead shares her plush alabaster pelt. A light dusting of coal upon his back and shoulders mars the otherwise perfect white covering his somewhat lanky but decently muscled body. His eyes are the color of warm champagne, and just as intoxicating - if you ask him, anyway.
Simply put: Tru is a bastard. And that's about all that needs to be said.
Tru was the product of a tryst between the beta of his pack and a subordinate who had not been given permission to mate and were driven out as soon as the pregnancy was discovered. The mated pair spent a month or so together searching for a new home before being taken in. Shortly after they had settled in, Tru's father left them to return to the pack where he had been beta - a far higher rank than he was ever to manage in their new home and an apparently greater prize to him than the litter his mate gave birth to only a couple of short weeks later.

Trouvère spent much of his life with the pack that had taken he and his mother in. He saw her take a new mate and give birth to a second litter, and he saw her die from the effort not long after. Already a bit of a loose cannon, Tru slipped right off the deep end when his mother passed and wound up getting himself kicked out of the pack and has since spent his time wandering from pack to pack, leeching off of their resources and getting overly frisky with the mates of other wolves before hitting the road again - usually with his former packmates snarling at his heels.
Mother: Ana DeMonte
Father: Rune Caravil
Littermates: Chanson (f) & Minstrel (m) DeMonte
Younger Sibling: Leviathan "Summer" Ostrega (m)
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