Profile of Katrina: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Katrina “Kat” DeMonte-DiSarinno
Subspecies: Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (20 June, 2012)
Birthplace: Hurricane Ridge
At A Glance
A brown coloration, with a darker color hinted at the far corners of her body (ears, backside, paws). She’s relatively medium sized, leaning towards the smaller side, with long, slender legs built primarily from running and hunting as a young child.
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Profile of Katrina: Details
Not taking after either of her parents, unless you count the chocolate brown coming from little bits of her father, she sports a rather unique appearance. It is a solid coat of chocolate, no other color hindering its smooth appearance aside from a very faint coloring of a darker brown (seen as black) sprinkled along her back and the tips of her ears, with bright silver eyes that are not quite as dull as she once believed.
At first she comes off as shy and conservative, not wishing to give away her inner most thoughts. However, she can be quite a flirt and often gets in more trouble than she would like to admit. She values hard work over play but won’t stop for nothing. Katrina is still young and loves to put some play into her day, as well as alternating another’s life to see to her needs. Taking after her parents, she strives to do what is best for those she cares about as well as expecting no less than the best for herself.
Born to the second litter of Athena and Chehalis, Katrina and her brother, Aquilo, were cherished by her family and their close-knit friends. She was reared by her parents, but her older brothers had a heavy influence in the later months of her first year. She had great plans of becoming someone that her parents could be proud of but upon the disappearance of her elder brother, Aquilo, she couldn’t hold back the desire to follow him. He was the closest thing she had to comfort and she needed him—or so she thought.
Athena DiSarinno and Chehalis DeMonte are her mother and father, respectively, with Aquilo (Rainier) as her litter mate. Marcello and Titan are her older brothers [previous litter], with Gideon DeMonte as her eldest brother. She also has hundreds of relatives between the DeMonte and DiSarinno family lines.
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