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Full Name: deirdre stella mayfair
Subspecies: mackenzie x gray wolf
Sex: Female
Age: ??? (december 25th 2015 )
Birthplace: donnelaith
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venus in furs. voluptuous and pale, with kind emerald eyes.
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a vision to behold. her eyes are a deep green; the nameless wolf is a pearl, long-legged and full. she is a woman-grown, a breath-taking beauty.
her memory has not been entirely restored, though is nearly there. with the aid of her husband, skellige, deirdre learns.
born to lasher and blue willow, deirdre has two sisters—eilidh and emaleth, and two brothers, constantine and casmir.

wife to skellige. though not a biological mother to his some of his offspring, deirdre has adopted each of them and considers them her own. within 2018, deirdre has bore her first litter, sired by her husband.

galateia identifies all of the nereides to be her sisters.
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