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Basic Info
Full Name: Whip-poor-will Redhawk
Subspecies: Eastern Timber, Mackenzie Valley, etc.
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (2/29/16)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
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Profile of Whip: Details
Growing up, Whip was often compared to his older brother Nightjar. Now full grown, Whip still resembles his brother in build and feature alike, but he is a tad smaller being of medium build. Whip has his brother's agouti coat (sandy brown, cream, white), the same rounded ears, and sad silver eyes that in some way uniquely his.

Though beginning to fade with time, the self-inflicted scars that run the length of his white socked forelimbs are still fairly obvious on first glance -- and it is yet another topic that Whip is not particularly keen on talking about.
Burdened. Conflicted. Angry.

The family fuck-up.
Whip was born to the alpha pair of Redhawk Caldera on February 29th, 2016 along with three other siblings; Ferret, Gannet, and Peter. For the most part, their youth was uneventful until the famine of 2016, during which Peter was killed by a lone wolf. Whip, being young and unable to understand adult concepts like mortality, struggled with the murder of his brother and the permanence of death (particularly, when Eljay would pretend Peter was still alive). Whip was confused and cast into turmoil.

Around this time, Ferret began to stir trouble among the Redhawk brood, and between this and the death of Peter, took a large portion of the attention of Peregrine and Fox. Whip, being an irrational child, believed his parents had forgotten about him and he became more and more isolated as time went on. He thought of Peter often, and when he did, he thought of death. He idealized it.

He struck back, tearing the flesh from his own forelegs as an act of defiance -- to prove he wasn't invisible. Peregrine reacted with understanding, but Fox rebuked Whip with anger. The distance between them increased and Whip gravitated more toward his father.

Soon after, Ferret -- who had up until this point just been a boneheaded troublemaker -- attacked Peregrine with the intent to kill him. Peregrine was wounded and Ferret was forced out. Whip believed Ferret to be a monster just like the wolf who killed Peter. It shook him to know someone in his own family was capable of evil. It worried Whip that he would somehow turn out the same.

When Peregrine eventually died of an aneurism, Whip did not take it well. He greaved for days and spiraled into another bout of self destruction. Raven, Whip's older sister, offered him poppy to ease the emotional pain without considering the side effects. Whip soon found himself addicted to the substance.

Soon after, Fox died in childbirth. Whip left the Caldera, feeling he was no longer part of the Redhawk family. He wandered north, ending up in unfamiliar territory and collapsing from withdrawal. He was then found by Meteora, the then matriarch of the Nereides in the Wilds. She cleaned him up and took him in to serve the Sirens when he became well again. Thinking it was the only way to survive the winter, Whip obliged.

Meteora soon returned to Themiscyra and Akantha rose to take her place. Whip shared a fondness for Akantha and she soon became a pseudo-mother figure for him. Despite his duty to serve as a drudge, Whip's time among the Sirens was not terrible. That Spring however, it came to an end with Akantha's decision to return to Themiscyra.

Whip followed.

Themiscyra was a different beast. Whip was separated from Akantha and the others he knew. The things that happened there Whip closely guards, and he prefers not to talk about it.

Having escaped, Whip travels back to the home he abandoned and found it not what he remembered.

Pack History
Parents: Peregrine and Fox
Older Siblings: Wildfire, Nightjar, Raven, and Derp
Littermates: Ferret, Gannet, Peter Pan
Redhawk Caldera:
Youth (Birth - Late Autumn, 2016)
Lone Wolf/The Nereides:
Drudge (Winter, 2016 - Early Spring, 2017)
Drudge -> Consort (Late Spring,2017 - Summer 2017)
Lone Wolf:
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