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Basic Info
Full Name: Silas Ostrega
Subspecies: ½ Northern Rocky Mountain x ¼ Mexican x ¼ Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (January 16th, 2016)
Birthplace: Lost Creek Hollow, in Rising Sun Valley
At A Glance
A long, lean, dark brown wolf with a pale underbelly and bright gold eyes. Tends to be on the thin side with a cautious demeanor. Hunts a lot, frequently seen tracking. [x]
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Profile of Silas: Details
Shaded very similarly to his mother, only even darker, his back is draped in sooty black that reaches down his legs. Beneath it lies an agouti coat of varied dark umber and ochre shades with a lightly colored underbelly, cheeks and throat. His eyes are bright gold, made even more prominent by the dark mask behind them. Overall, his physique is lean, settling him out for an almost tall-looking yet decidedly average build. (stevie drew him)
At his mightiest, a personification of persistence and resilience. In spite of a guarded exterior, and a layer of anxiousness after that, he is compassionate towards those he has grown to trust. With the tendency for misfortune to find his kindred, he just wants a quiet life.
Early in the year, Silas was born in Lost Creek Hollow to alphas Mordecai and Harlyn alongside a brother and a sister where his first several weeks were quiet and sheltered. After a series of cougar attacks on wolves of the Hollow, the pack crumbled and the remaining few set out into the wilds in search of better security. Shortly after, a locust swarm ravaged the Teekon and famine followed, during which their group was extended an offer to join by the founding alpha of Marauder's Keep, Warbone. They joined then attempted to settle and mend, but strife was on their heels in the weeks that followed. Pippin ran away from them first, next Mordecai and Larkspur both were lost while searching for him, and Harlyn was injured. Silas remained withdrawn, but devoted as he balanced growing into his place in the pack and his family's bad luck.

Larkspur was eventually returned to them, but was not the same and injured herself badly. Despite him working steadily to become a hunter (guided largely by Stark), Silas' own outlook threatened to slip; he was worn down from the perpetual misfortune, which continued intermittently. Eventually, Harlyn left to take Larkspur back to healers she had learned from in her homeland. Silas almost went with them, but opted to stay behind in the Keep to wait for their return and work hunting for the pack the meantime. They did not make it back before winter worsened, so Silas was left to continue on at the Keep while he could.

Just before the coldest days of the entire year, Stark and many of the Marauder's Keep wolves up and left without a word, leaving Silas and Tambourine behind. Startled by this sudden change, the duo was picked up by the wolves of Larksong Grotto led by Reek and Jhala. Without a better option, they traveled south with them—unaware that Reek was Tambourine's biological sire. There, and not without problems posed by the winter along the way, they claimed Golden Glade and attempted to settle into a whole new routine, which Silas struggled with. When Tambourine went missing several weeks into this, the dark Ostrega continued his share of difficulties in never feeling like quite the right fit for the fellow Glade wolves despite their hospitality towards him. When the pack eventually dissolved, he did not remain with them, and branched off on his own, although not happily.

As a wanderer, he found a familiar face in Qilaq and they pooled their efforts as a pair from there on out. They often stayed near the coast, and encountered a pack being formed not far from their haunts where they lingered for a short stay. Before long, however, they set off again and settled in elsewhere for a short time—until she went missing, and Silas set out to find her. He searched through the autumn and into winter, until his path began to steer him towards a pack called Elysium. They had taken in Qilaq months earlier, and Silas joined immediately upon learning this—reuniting them finally, so together again, he could rest and mend truly. He stayed comfortably with them for a few seasons, until together with his mate he eventually dispersed. They then set their sights on the pack where Silas' parents had reigned and siblings had grown: Sablemoon Forest.
Pack History
Parents: Mordecai Ostrega ♂ & Harlyn Cinderloch
Siblings: 01/16/2016: Larkspur ♀ & Pippin
03/30/2017: Mariposa ♀, Cajun ♂

Mate: Qilaq
Ostrega family tree here
Lost Creek Hollow (01/16/2016 — 04/24/2016)
Marauder's Keep (06/03/2016 — 01/09/2017)
Golden Glade (03/06/2017 — 05/04/2017)
Lunar Moor (10/21/2017 — 08/20/2018)
Elysium (01/19/2019 — 08/04/2019)
Sablemoon Forest (09/10/2019 — present)

Hunter (tracker, deerstalker)
Caretaker (medic)

Profile of Silas: Additional Information
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