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Blackfeather Woods

Basic Info
Full Name: relmyna (formerly vuk demonte)
Subspecies: grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (february 18th, 2014)
Birthplace: vykkavale
At A Glance
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Profile of Relmyna: Details
medium height, scarred along mouth and chest and muzzle. moves gracefully, lips beginning to grey. has a raven feather tangled in her ruff behind her right ear, so that it hangs down near the ruined side of her mouth.

former reference here.

face claim: charlotte gainsbourg as "joe" from nymphomaniac
theme as vuk: 'clair de lune' by claude debussy
theme as relmyna: 'reborn' from the penny dreadful OST

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almost a year has passed. relmyna has awoken. however, due to the events of this thread, she suffers:

a m n e s i a

relmyna has no recollection of who she was. her last memory is her murder of terich-mir. she does not remember seff, nor the wolves of blackfeather, knowing them only by scent. only the name of sheogorath has remained with her. any attempts to remember result in agonizing waves of pain through her skull, tempered with an anger she cannot control.

i n j u r y

relmyna is completely mute, reverting back to the old manner of wolfspeak. one side of her face is littered with jagged, ugly scars β€” they twist her lip on the right side of her mouth, so that her teeth are permanently exposed there in a harrowing grin. rapid blinking and fits of full-body shuddering evince the long-lasting damage to her brain.

d e l u s i o n

relmyna cannot recall things consistently from past or present memory. however, from time to time, she will be lucidly struck with a recollection from her life as vuk. not able to discern between fact and fiction, she assumes they are dreams, unreal. nevertheless, she is driven to discover who she once was, even as she strives for new recognition and aplomb in the face of the strangers she calls pack.

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born to a beta pair, vuk's upbringing was standard, though at the age of five months, their alpha was slain during a hunt by a bull moose. her parents ascended to leadership, but her eldest brother, taking up the rank of beta, decided his siblings were a threat and routed them. she has wandered from place to place and lived with several packs, though none of note.

(as vuk is undeniably my most tormented character, i have decided to document her life since coming to the teekon wilds)

jan 8, 2016 β€” joins porcupine ridge, led by taggarik
jan 18, 2016 β€” seems to earn taggarik's favor
jan 19, 2016 β€” meets the wolf who will become her closest friend at the ridge
jan 23, 2016 β€” meets the nameless beta male
march 1, 2016 β€” goes into heat; is fought over by taggarik and the nameless beta
march 1, 2016 β€” escapes taggarik's guarding; is successfully mated by the nameless wolf
march 29, 2016 β€” is told by taggarik that he will kill any children that result; flees the ridge
april 15, 2016 β€” is found by terich-mir, who offers to protect vuk as her mate
may 2, 2016 β€” returns to the ridge during the locust-drought with terich; intends to ask forgiveness; the pack has disappeared; vuk gives birth to one live son and three dead children
may 6, 2016 β€” vuk, her son seff, and terich seek entry to larksong grotto and are taken in by reek redtail (currently hiram larksong)
may 15, 2016 β€” feels the beginning of affectionate stirrings toward reek as she comforts him
may 21, 2016 β€” following the installment of cult priestess hosannah too close to vuk and her son, vuk decides to seek her own den
june 7, 2016 β€” vuk and reek make love for the first time
june 12, 2016 β€” vuk gives herself to terich for the first time, realizing that though their mateship is one of convenience, she loves him
june 14, 2016 β€” admit to jhala that she loves both men
june 14, 2016 β€” admits to reek that she loves both him and terich; he tells her he cannot let her love both him and terich
june 20, 2016 β€” the cult of the daystar has fully taken over reek; his name is changed to hiram; vuk realizes she cannot worship the new god or tolerate the changes
july 2, 2016 β€” vuk has a bitter meeting with hiram in which she tells him to be faithful to his god
july 27, 2016 β€” vuk discovers that her son has gone missing
august 2, 2016 β€” reek returns home with indra and laurel; has a terse meeting with vuk following his decision to mate with jhala in her heat
august 10, 2016 β€” vuk slips into a brief madness following her son's disappearance and turns to the daystar
august 11, 2016 β€” vuk departs larksong grotto to look for seff
september 16, 2016 β€” half-mad with stress and grief, vuk discovers that seff is alive at blackfeather woods, and takes him from potem a's care
**timeline off** β€” vuk takes seff home; along the way, they meet freyja and thuringwethil of sleeping dragon
october 26, 2016 β€” after a talk with seff, vuk decides to take her family to live at blackfeather woods so her son can be near potema
november 2, 2016 β€” vuk tells hiram she and her family are leaving larksong
november 22, 2016 β€” after joining blackfeather, she meets cicero, with whom she feels an immediate affinity
december 4, 2016 β€” she meets the fierce dark nemesis, leader of blackfeather
december 25, 2016 β€” after an extended traveling jaunt, seff announces to his mother that he is leaving blackfeather to live with freyja. vuk snaps finally
december 26th, 2016 β€” a changed vuk finds cicero and asks him the price for entry into the dark brotherhood
december 27th, 2016β€” vuk tries to end her torment permanently, but is found and dragged away by sheogorath

dec 15, 2017 β€” awakens after almost a year of being unconscious
dec 21, 2017 β€” meets sweet twisted ramsay
dec 21, 2017 β€” meets secretive euron
jan 5, 2018 β€” speaks with sithis for the first time; is approached by cicero; the two of them seduce one another
jan 5, 2018 β€” meets the fearsome potema
jan 12, 2018 β€” meets aspiring priestess maegi; the girl is skilled enough in her powers to communicate with relmyna
jan 17, 2018 β€” fights unexpectedly with ilikis
jan ??, 2018 β€” is assailed and threatened by ithrik
jan 20, 2018 β€” war comes to blackfeather woods
jan 30, 2018 β€” iliksis brings relmyna a gift; the pair consummate their odd and gory bond
feb 22, 2018 β€” relmyna belatedly discovers she is pregnant; tells maegi first
feb 23rd, 2018 β€” iliksis discovers relmyna's pregnancy and is displeased but possessive
march 17th, 2018 β€” relmyna gives birth to averna tamriel and astara lis. iliksis arrives and is summarily attacked by relmyna and kove
april 3rd, 2018 β€” redhawks return to antagonize blackfeather
june 4th, 2018 β€” damien melonii returns to blackfeather
june 24th, 2018 β€” relmyna moves her children to a rendezvous site in redgrove
july 6th, 2018 β€” relmyna attempts to use poisonous spores as a spiritual tool; is rescued by damien
august 8th, 2018 β€” iliksis returns
august 11th, 2018 β€” damien comes to ask relmyna's help
august 22nd, 2018 β€” accompanied by astrid and aries, joined by vaati and sascha, damien leaves blackfeather woods
august 23rd, 2018 β€” relmyna prays for blackfeather and the melonii clan; she discovers a new way of speaking
august 24th, 2018 β€” euron and ramsay appear on blackfeather's doorstep

Pack History
mate to terich-mir demonte; forgotten
mother to seff demonte; forgotten
adores the spiderlings euron, ramsay, and maegi
bonded indelibly to cicero, also called sheogorath. bore his children, astara lis and averna tamriel, born during the first new moon in march 2018.
PORCUPINE RIDGE: - theta eta zeta epsilon delta gamma
BLACKFEATHER WOODS - tyro - evoker - delta - listener
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