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Basic Info
Full Name: relmyna (formerly vuk demonte)
Subspecies: grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: Passed (february 18th, 2014 - february 2nd, 2019)
Birthplace: vykkavale
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medium height, scarred along mouth and chest and muzzle. moved gracefully, lips beginning to grey. had a raven feather tangled in her ruff behind her right ear, so that it hung down near the ruined side of her mouth.

former reference here.

face claim: charlotte gainsbourg as "joe" from nymphomaniac
theme as vuk: 'clair de lune' by claude debussy
theme as relmyna: 'reborn' from the penny dreadful OST

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almost a year has passed. relmyna has awoken. however, due to the events of this thread, she suffers:

a m n e s i a

relmyna has no recollection of who she was. her last memory is her murder of terich-mir. she does not remember seff, nor the wolves of blackfeather, knowing them only by scent. only the name of sheogorath has remained with her. any attempts to remember result in agonizing waves of pain through her skull, tempered with an anger she cannot control.

i n j u r y

relmyna is completely mute, reverting back to the old manner of wolfspeak. one side of her face is littered with jagged, ugly scars — they twist her lip on the right side of her mouth, so that her teeth are permanently exposed there in a harrowing grin. rapid blinking and fits of full-body shuddering evince the long-lasting damage to her brain.

d e l u s i o n

relmyna cannot recall things consistently from past or present memory. however, from time to time, she will be lucidly struck with a recollection from her life as vuk. not able to discern between fact and fiction, she assumes they are dreams, unreal. nevertheless, she is driven to discover who she once was, even as she strives for new recognition and aplomb in the face of the strangers she calls pack.

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born to a beta pair, vuk's upbringing was standard, though at the age of five months, their alpha was slain during a hunt by a bull moose. her parents ascended to leadership, but her eldest brother, taking up the rank of beta, decided his siblings were a threat and routed them. she has wandered from place to place and lived with several packs, though none of note.
Pack History
mate to terich-mir demonte; forgotten
mother to seff demonte; forgotten
adores the spiderlings euron, ramsay, and maegi
bonded indelibly to cicero, also called sheogorath. bore his children, astara lis and averna tamriel, born during the first new moon in march 2018.
PORCUPINE RIDGE: - theta eta zeta epsilon delta gamma
BLACKFEATHER WOODS - tyro - evoker - delta - listener
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