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Basic Info
Full Name: Judas
Subspecies: 50% Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf, 50% Coyote
Sex: Male
Age: 2.5 (July 2nd 2013)
Birthplace: Some Cave In Nevada
At A Glance
A charming wolf to look upon. But when looking from behind, another can see the scars that run down his rear legs, and with barely any at the front, one can tell how this one is a runner.
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Profile of Judas: Details
Tan brown fur, with a darker line along the back that goes along his tail to the tip and over the eyes and halfway up his legs from much time trudging through mud and dirt. Multiple scars on rear legs. A bite mark on right ear. Charming dark green eyes. His coyote physical aspects only visible from the rear, despite his small appearance.
[Image: Two-Face.jpg]

Human Reference: Two Face (Aaron Eckhart)

Judas is like a coin. Look on one side, you see his charming and flirtatious antics, someone who acts caring to pry in another's business, then acting as if they have an answer.

Then, when whoever he lures is alone, he shows his other side. Deceitful, hateful and a trickster. Combined with a hate for all of wolf kind, including the wolf side inside him, he will do anything to turn them on each other, or gain support in his murderous ways.

He is not much of a fighter, and flees from most fights. Although, he enjoys watching them from afar. Has some knowledge of herbs, mostly consisting of hallucinogen-producing plants. But lacks some knowledge of lethal, unless they carry hallucinogenic properties. A couple he has a minor addiction to.

After a sudden outburst and changes due to unknown emotions to him, he began to develop symptoms of a double-personality. Sometimes he thinks he is speaking to another when it only turns out both voices are himself. He began to feel confused at these feelings he had and became less of the charmer he was.
Judas was born in a litter amongst other half breeds, and without a father. For his mother, a coyote, had been raped by a lone wolf. One day, his 'father' returned to tie off loose ends. He was spared, but his siblings were not so lucky. Of his litter, he was the most wolf looking, and his 'father' saw this as a chance to raise someone.

But when Judas was old enough, he killed his 'father' in his sleep. On that night, he vowed that no wolf was to be trusted. All were the same. His hate for them only grew as he lived on.

Until he came to Moonlit. He was changed after he snapped at a member, which the pack forgives him for after. The forgiveness changed him...For a time.

He was prone to outbursts. He was split down the middle. Half was evil, the other good. He went on like this in two other packs. During this time, his evil side broke out and he sexually assaulted another pack's member on a scouting trip. One day, he accidentally returned after losing his way, and as a result lost his eye and his sanity.

He attempted to kidnap the one who took his eye, Avannon. In the end, he succeeded, and took her life. But in doing so, she took his. He died before she did.
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