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Basic Info
Full Name: Kelina Irya
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (01/02/2015)
Birthplace: Canada
At A Glance
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“ So dark, so deep, the secrets that you keep... ”

A lithe woman of inky black hues, as graceful as a panther with the ever watchful eyes of a raven. She is muscular under her coat of the night, though from a glance she looks only to be elegant. Kelina is light on her feet, able to drift across the ground with the ease of a shadow - it is this that aids her to camouflage, the only possible way to spot her in pure darkness the vibrant purple of her eyes.

The only marking she displays is a chin made up of both black and white, though it is not always visible, and it has a tendency to fade slightly.

[Image: hOH98vu.png][Image: Q1I9oNs.jpg]

[Image: SbW9YUx.png]

The Nightstalker is a temptress, one born of dark heart and malicious intent. Her motives are to bring suffering down upon any she so desires, and she craves wolf flesh the most. It is true, if she was not so good at persuading, she might never catch a meal of the same species - but she was trained from very young to manipulate and twist someone's own plans to do her dirty work. From her cravings of wolf flesh and the blood that comes with it, she has lost a lot of her sanity and has moments where she seems completely and utterly crazy, and if she was not so perfect at masking it, she might have been hunted down already.

The woman stops for nobody, and will use whatever she can to wreak havoc upon the life of another. Occasionally she has nightmares, and the voices in her head are a wild cacophony of constant noise, but they help her to pick her path, be it a good one or not.
She is terribly dangerous, and she is aware of how easily her looks can entrance another.

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Pack History
Half-brother: Horosk
Lone Wolf
Salt Winter - Iota, Epsilon (Up)
Lone Wolf
Shadow Mountain - Nightstalker [alpha]

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