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Basic Info
Full Name: Horosk Irya
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 Years (01/02/2015)
Birthplace: Canada
At A Glance
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Profile of Horosk: Details
[Image: JNyJ6tv.png]

A large male of agouti. He is tall but not necessarily large, just average if not on the slightly thinner side. Horosk's pelt is a mixture of browns and blacks, providing a foresty look to contrast with his eyes of vibrant purple - a trait passed from many in the Irya family and looked upon with great pride by the wolves of this name. He bears a few scars on his pelt but most are covered and hidden by his fur.

[Image: JlDwWrI.png]

Horosk is certainly a pack wolf at heart. His cooperative attitude gains him praise when amongst the company of others, but he does not fare so well in his lonesome. He appreciates a good joke, and loves the high-energy activities packs are known for, such as large groups hunts or gatherings to share stories under the moonlight. Definitely, the man is more of a storyteller than a fighter, believing much more in the power of words rather than muscle.

Despite his natural affinity for others of his species, he can be a little unorganized and get himself into a few troubles here and there. When a huge deal of pressure is put upon his shoulders he will do all he can to sort out whatever is wrong but may seek the aid of others if he knows he cannot do something alone.

[Image: wzBpUpH.png]
Pack History
Mother - Unknown
Father - Unknown
Half Sister - Kelina Irya
Romantic Interest - Semira
Lone Wolf
Broken Antler Fen - Kappa, Iota, Eta
Lone Wolf
Ganador Bypass - Inferior, Medio (Up)
Lone Wolf
Bracken Sanctuary - Cipher
Profile of Horosk: Additional Information
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