Profile of Malice: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Malice "Absinthe" Lanius
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 5 years (1st of February 2013)
Birthplace: LuciferPeak
At A Glance
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Profile of Malice: Details
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Malice is draped in rather warm colors; She's like a small bear when it comes to her coat. The base color is a rich chocolate hue, one that turns a bit more milky when lit by the sun. Her lighter dark-tan marking trails from the underside of her chin all the way over her belly, even accenting her shoulders, buttocks and a bit of the underside of her tail. In the sun, this color changes to an even lighter tan both of her children carry. Her eyes are a cold, pale and distant yellow with hints of yellowish green, though within them one can find the morning sun. A spark of liveliness and kindness.

Her build is rather broad and muscly due to her training as a child and young adult, and though she still fights it has lost some of its fierceness. Her legs are of average length, strong and ready to carry her wherever, though they appear a bit shorter due to her rather long fur. She still towers above most females and even some males, but it is something noticeable nonetheless. Her face is rather scratched up, but if one were to look through the toughness they would discover a pretty beautiful woman.

Scars: A long, healed, pinkish scar runs over and through her left eye (right in your character's perspective). It was put there by Judas. HERE you can look at a reference/example of such a scar (not graphic).

Aura: A beautiful Orangy-red hue that shows off her confidence and also some of the hardships she has overcome.

Scent: Strangely chocolaty with a tinge of coffee in the morning - and let's not forget Burke's scent and that of Redhawk Caldera.

Human Counterpart: Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif
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Cunning · Calculative · Observant · Intelligent · Fair ·
Gentle · Forgiving · Understanding · Emotionally & Sexually Conflicted · Argumentative · Curious · Stubborn

· CHAOTIC GOOD · ENTP · Ravenclaw · Choleric ·

A very intellectual woman with a grand array of skills and a big heart. The stars are her guide, even her resting place eventually, and she goes for what she believes in. She can be a bit stubborn at times and her honesty can come over as rudeness, but she truly just wants to make friends. Having been raised like a killer and treated as such through most of her childhood has gotten her rather conflicted over who she truly is now, but Burke, her friends and her two sons have helped her greatly with seeing the light. She is rather gentle and, strangely, a pretty great mother and lover.
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Pack History
Lucifer Lanius ♂ x Absinthe Lanius ♀

Asmodeus Lanius ♂ , Hades Lanius ♂

Thanatos Lanius ♂ , Arachne Lanius ♀

Click HERE for Malice's family tree.

Half Siblings:
Nemesis Blackfeather ♀ , Althaia Convel
^ To see how this came to be, click HERE for a family tree. (click on Anna Eris-Convel's box to view Nemesis' family tree and on Lucifer Lanius' box to view Malice's family tree.)


(5-6-2016 - Burke)

Vassago ♂ , Pyro

Lone Wolf

Moonlit Hills

Blackfeather Woods


Broken Antler Fen
(?-1-2017/14 May 2017)

Redhawk Caldera
· (14 May 2017 - 21 August 2017)

· (21 August 2017 - ?)

Lost Creek Hollow
· (August 2018 - Present)
Profile of Malice: Additional Information
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