Profile of Tantalus: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Tantalus Aaron Odolf
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 Years (Febuary 6th 2014)
Birthplace: Arizona
At A Glance
Dreamy white wolf with dusty browns and grays mixed in. He has baby blue eyes and a stunning set of pearly white teeth.
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Profile of Tantalus: Details
--large but short-furred
--cream base with white undersides, brown and gray agouti
--baby blue eyes
--large paws, black paw pads and nose
--arrogantly handsome
--pearly white teeth
--maintains a large scar on his scruff from battle with Kierkegaard
--hopeless romantic
--pompous and proper
--a born leader
--believes wolves are dominant species, and males are the dominant sex.

**aaron's belief's in no way reflect my own.
Aaron set out with his sister Emily long ago to fulfill his dream of leading his own pack. Along the way Emily found what he could only assume to be love with a man named Marcus, and she left Aaron to be with him. Aaron was more than thrown off by this event, but continued on towards the Teekon Wilds, where he founded the pack of Rosings.

After his wife laid with another woman, Aaron left the wilds, where he took over a failing pack and raised it back up from the ground. Months later, he decided to return to the Teekon Wilds in search of a new life (and wife). He leaves because he is, quite simply, bored.

Aaron has renamed himself Tantalus, and returns to the wilds one last time to try to bring rosings back from the dead.
Pack History
Aaron was born to a woman named Marlee who died only a month after his birth. His father was a powerful man named Jaxson Odolf. Aaron only has sisters, but two of them are grown and were never a part of his life. The third is his closest companion and the second born of their litter: Emily Odolf.
--Birth to January 2016
--January 2016 to February 18th
--February 18th, 2016 to August 3rd, 2016.
--August 20th, 2016 to January 2nd, 2017
--January 12th to Present
Profile of Tantalus: Additional Information
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