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Basic Info
Full Name: Sage Briar
Subspecies: Yukon Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 Years (December 29th, 2014)
Birthplace: Alaska, USA
At A Glance

[Image: dd046fe2d9c6f930b96d1de2ccdd6b814c05e903_hq.gif]
(Loosely based off the traits of Ruby from SPN)
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Profile of Sage: Details
Human Counterpart: Ruby from Supernatural — Voice: Genevieve Cortese

[Image: qzXfoGX.png]A sudden shadow in the glimpse of an eye emerges, but disappears as quickly as seen. Another second passes and the silhouette stands, gleaming pools of amber shine out from an inky ghost. A smirk is almost constantly on it's maw, and a sense of mischief is quick to follow. A slender petite body is the illusion, though underneath the dark pelt is well built muscle. White freckles sprinkled across her face like stars in a night sky, following around her eyes to the back of her shoulders. Not a single fault can be seen on her profile, an unscathed beauty. A long, smooth tail stalks the demon.

The ghost's coat is silky, reflecting among straight moonlight. A cryptic aroma hovers about with every step taken by the wolf, good intentions never to be expected. An unusually svelte body type for someone carrying more muscle than the average vixen. Feminine features shine through, being strangely alluring despite her obvious malevolent mien.
The Logistician
Honest - Direct - Practical - Calm - Stoic - Stubborn
Judgemental - Unpredictable - Narcissistic - Maleficent - Manipulative

Lawful Evil

Sage is a mischievous and sarcastic girl who has a peculiar filled demeanor. She adores playing pranks, and is generally easy going and independent yet also quiet and mature. Her moods change often, and can make her interrupt anything. One second the girl will be chasing a squirrel through the woods carelessly and then staring at a beetle, questioning life. When she was young, she was summarized as ruthless and a little crazy and rough around the edges, along with "a little unhinged". She's the type to stir up a little trouble, even if it were to hurt someone else, but never enough to cause a huge mess. She takes control of her situation, never listening when being told what to do unless by someone she deemed respectable. She knows what she wants, and she's out to get it, not caring what obstacles lay ahead.

Over time she's become calmer, and in truth, behind her independent facade, is lonely, and desperate girl. She is also very protective of those promoted worthy enough of her protection, yet in frightening situations she usually holds a simple and relaxed attitude towards them.

*Slashed words are no longer apart of Sage's personality

After Sage's return to Teekon, she's become extremely more morbid. She no longer has a soft spot, and careless. She has fallen evil, the darkness had always been her home but now she strives among it. There's no other place she could imagine being, nor would ever. She's become the sociopath she was destined to be, likely to morph into the even worse psychopath. Only her intelligence is keeping her sane, though she could snap anytime. The demon considers no one her friend, and if claimed one is only a manipulation.
— Enters Teekon: February 07, 2016
Good morning sunshine Meets Cogitemus and becomes intent on helping him and his mate build Moonlit Hills: February 13, 2016
Look what I did babe! Meets Malice, her soon to be Alpha: February 14, 2016
Claiming Phantom Hollow Moonlit is established and Phantom Hollow is officially claimed as their land. Coup de grace Meets Nemesis, who claims to be wary of Dark Brotherhood alongside Issun. Currently the rank of Gamma: February 19, 2016
Cogitemus disappears, abandoning Moonlit in the process: February 27, 2016
A lost king, but a new Beta Is crowned Beta of Moonlit Hills: February 28, 2016
Colours of Freedom Her and Issun admit their feelings towards one another: March 15, 2016

Returns to Teekon Wilds: December 5, 2016
Back at it again... Joins Blackrock Depths: December 7th, 2016
Pack History
Sage was a lone wolf, unknowing of who either of her parents were. Being abandoned as a pup, she was taken under the wing of many caregivers, but usually only for short time. One of her most loved caregivers was Madam Julie who taught her much of the naturalist trade.

She made a new family in Moonlit Hills, and a love for Issun.

Although after mysteriously disappearing it is assumed those relationships are broken.
Born a lone wolf, she stayed a lone wolf. Until stumbling upon Cogetimus, who convinced her to join Moonlit Hills.

Moonlit Hills
Gamma ⇡ Beta

Lone Wolf

Blackrock Depths
Gyre ⇡ Jetsam

Lone Wolf
Profile of Sage: Additional Information
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