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Full Name: Teague "Depp" Sparrow
Subspecies: Yukon Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (January 30th, 2014)
Birthplace: Unknown
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Profile of Depp: Details
Human Counterpart: Captain Jack Sparrow — Voice:Johnny Depp

Depp is handsome young wolf with light almond brown eyes. He'll always have a adventurous glow about him, and obtains slick and agile features. Some of his fur is fluffy, but it all manages to stay a soft and polished. His pelt is a dark brown to black canvas, with occasional white specks, such as his face and bottom of his tail.

His tail is longer than average being 16 inches in length, but that being a bit off from proportional with his average height. He has a muscular build, but it's usually not noticed as his first trait. The male has multiple scars covering his body, mainly surrounding his legs, and each one has a story. He usually doesn't have an intimidating aroma, but more of a care-free-no-need-to-be-intimidating composure. Sparrow's most obvious physical characteristic is a slightly drunken-like stagger, accompanied by gestures usually made by his head, that make him look unfocused.
Depp likes to consider himself as the epitome of a free spirit. He swishes his way through life with a slightly odd, but strangely wise attitude. He is perhaps a bit crazy, but he still is smart enough to survive in a tough world without resorting to force to get what he wants. In fact he once said, "Why fight when you can negotiate?" This leads to some people seeing him as a coward and truth be told Depp is not heroic in the straightforward sense. He watches and reads people and gladly manipulates them for his own ingenious ends. That said, he avoids harming people for even his enemies only get what they truly deserve. Depp has a sense of right that may fluctuate by circumstance in the details, but he still has a sense of honor. When the chips are down he will come through, if at all possible, for his friends or the greater good. Teague is a good fighter, but compared to the other wolves he is not the most skillful. He has a good eye and amazing aim, and is a bit of an acrobat.
Depp is the irreverent trickster. A wolf of equally dubious morality and sobriety, a master of self-promotion and self interest, he fights a constant and losing battle with his own best tendencies. He considers himself a ladies' man, explaining that he has a "tremendous intuitive sense of the female creature." However, he is seemingly unable to commit to a long-term relationship.
Sparrow grew up in the life, bouncing between place to place, occasionally with his Pirate-like Grandmother and father. Upon meeting his “friend” Arabella, in only his teenage years, the two gathered a few other wolves and travelled for fortune and adventure. Overtime he lost touch with all of those members and foraged on his own.

During a battle between his father and young Depp when, Elliot, a former friend of Teague's, was a child, Elliot was wounded quickly. Saved by Sparrow's father, instead of gratitude Elliot’s father replies he’d rather his son have drowned then owe his life to a rouge.

In truth, Sparrow has no real idea who his father or mother is, and usually assumes Edward, his so called father, as "This-Man-Who-Might-Be-Father". Despite his resentment towards Edward, he respected him greatly. Mainly because he was always there when needed most. Such as when he was almost kidnapped by a group of wolves, but saved by his "father". Depp has been determined to follow in his father's footsteps and become alpha of his own pack.
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Depp founded Seadog Sanctuary along side Sen. Unfortunately, before their daughters were born Depp was captured by an old group of wolves he's feuded with in the past.

During his kidnapping, he met a rather trusty wolf, Liam. The two grew close--well, as close as you're likely to get to Depp, and after escaping together, Depp left on his own to return to Teekon.
Pack History
Depp has no known blood relatives besides his two daughters, but his father Edward was suppose to be his true father, while he thought otherwise. Never meeting his mother and being an only child, he is only left with a "cousin" on his "father's" side who he hasn't spoken to in years.

Chusi & Qilaq Daughters of Sen

He also has a "friend"(?), Liam, who was captured by the same nomadic pack as him, over the time of being held captive the two bonded.
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Seadog Sanctuary: - Alpha

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