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Basic Info
Full Name: Peter Pan Redhawk
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0.2 (29.02.2016.)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
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Profile of Peter: Details
Peter is the runt of the litter - very small and fragile build, a coat in various shades of browns, yellows. The length of his back is peppered in black, while his belly, underside of the neck and face is white. Ears are standing, but a little floppy at the tips. The white star, which was pronounced, when he was born, now is barely visible.
Peter is a pacifist by nature, trusts people easily and loves everyone he meets. He follows people around and ask for hugs and love. Though a social creature, he is occasionally lost in his own little world.
Peter with three other siblings was born to Fox and Peregrine at the end of February. The most notable milestone so far is learning his first words (Materfakin' sheet) and moving from the den to rendevouzs site. And making new friends, of course.

Peter had a very short, but eventful life. He made many friends along the way, but his friendliness and trust to all people was that got him in trouble and led to his eventual demise. In the beginning of June he was attacked and killed by a hungry lone wolf.
Pack History
Father - Peregrine Redhawk
Mother - Fox Redhawk
Littermates: Ferret , Gannet , Whip-poor-will
Older siblings: Tytonidae, Osprey Jr., Saena, Pura, "Derp", Nightjar, Wildfire and Raven
Quite unaffected by hierarchy at the moment.
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