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Full Name: Ward
Subspecies: Buteo regalis
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (2013)
Birthplace: Sunset Valley
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A dark-morph Ferruginous Hawk — her body is about 27" long and her wingspan reaches nearly 60", making her medium-large for a raptor. Her head, breast, legs and tail base are composed of rust tones; her wings turn pale partway along, ending with white tips, and a white tail. She has a wedge-shaped head and a short, sharp, hooked beak.
Born in a small clutch of eggs within the Sunset Valley. She shoved one sibling out of the nest as soon as she was able, and was demanding enough for her parent's attention that the other hatchling starved to death. Once she could fly, Ward decided that all of the wilds were her domain.
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Potentially a temporary character.
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