Profile of Shrike: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Shrike Redleaf
Subspecies: Eastern Timberwolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3.5 (March 17, 2014)
Birthplace: Stellar's Jay Falls, B.C, Canada
At A Glance
Angular but tough, a wolf cloaked in only greyscale colours with striking black markings around his silver eyes, matching those of a shrike. His dark lips are unsmiling, as is his stark gaze; but the mildness about his features proclaims no demon, but a spectre haunted by loss.
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Profile of Shrike: Details
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Shrike's coat consists only of greyscale colours, varying from pale gray to black. The majority of his coat is steel grey, though he is slightly lighter along his underside. His shoulders and back are noticeably darker, with a spattering of black hairs darkening the fur around his shoulders and the back of his neck. His most striking feature are the black marks around his eyes, matching the markings of the bird after which he is named.

In physique, Shrike is not terribly tall, but months of scouring the wilderness for a lost pup have made him quite tough and fit. He is a lean, healthy looking fellow with an angular build and has developed into an athletic, streamlined adult.
Shrike is the kind of wolf that others might find peculiar and perhaps difficult to befriend. Shrike's words are very few, and he can rarely be heard speaking sentences of more than two or three words, often in a very abrupt fashion. This being the case, it might be difficult for others to tell if Shrike likes them, though Shrike takes a particular liking to wolves who are comfortable with silence or who speak in the same manner as him.

Despite being fairly standoffish, Shrike is an exceptionally obedient and subservient pack member, and highly dedicated to assigned tasks, especially when it is a topic of interest. Shrike is an exceptional tracker, and has had experience tracking other wolves who have been kidnapped or who have gone missing.

Shrike rarely ever makes eye contact, as even in conversation his senses tend to be very tuned into his environment. He is almost always on alert, scanning the skies or surrounding areas, ears constantly flicking to and fro which may make it seem as though he isn't at all paying attention to the other wolves he is with. Truth be told, he is- but he refuses to allow a single moment pass by him without collecting as much information from his surroundings as possible. Shrike has an impeccable memory, and is an exceptionally good tracker, scout and hunter.
Shrike was born as the second of four pups to Bobolink and Musetta Redleaf, alongside his brother Falcon and sisters Pipit and Sora. The pups were named for birds, the same as his father and the paternal side of his family. Shrike's family was massive, led by his paternal grandfather, Osprey Redleaf and his mate, Alouette, who had several litters, most of which were quite large, and grandchildren as well. Not all of the family members stayed at the Falls, and like many of the others, Shrike left when he was a year old.

Upon reaching this area of wilderness, he found and joined Redhawk Caldera, unknowingly at the time finding his cousin, Peregrine. He worked tirelessly as a guardian on patrol, stepping up whenever met by a challenge. Shrike progressed through the ranks, eventually becoming Gamma just as tragedy struck in a terrible series. First, little Peter was killed by a lone wolf who was eventually hunted down and pursued to her death by Shrike, who then dragged the corpse back to the Caldera as proof. Second, Lucy went missing, beginning the second of Shrike's scouting missions and finally, without notice, Peregrine passed away. Stricken by grief and driven crazy by hormones, Fox made an advance on Shrike the day after Peregrine died, proposing that he become alpha and be her mate. Shrike refused, unable to bring himself to mate with Fox lest she already be carrying Peregrine's pups. Because of his refusal, Fox exiled Shrike who immediately left- after giving Elwood a short, sad explanation, and travelled to Neverwinter Forest with the intention of joining the pack and living with Allure, for whom he had begun to develop serious feelings.

All the while, Shrike continued to search for Lucy, to no avail. And on one fateful day, while out for a walk with Allure and her brother Cypress, they discovered her father, Scimitar, and his mate dead- killed by a bear. Heartbroken, the three returned to the pack bearing the weight of grief. Allure fell silent and kept to herself, though was doted upon by Shrike. Few words passed between the two, but the two reveled in each other's company. Eventually, Allure seemed to heal, and Shrike confessed his feelings for her...But not long thereafter, she too went missing- leaving behind only a few drops of blood and a few tufts of fur. Driven to find her, Shrike wordlessly left the pack in search for his beloved, but her trail had gone cold.

A year later, he has finally looped back to where it all began- with the faint hope that she might have made her way back home.
Pack History
Paternal Grandfather: Osprey Redleaf
Father: Bobolink Redleaf
Mother: Musetta Redleaf
Older siblings: Kestrel (m), Flicker (m), Lark (f), Wren (f)
Littermates: Falcon (m), Pipit (f), Sora (f) Martin (f)
Mate: Allure II Frostfur

Stellar's Jay Falls: Youth (birth-1 year)
Lone wolf: 1-2 years
Redhawk Caldera: Gamma
Neverwinter Forest: (I forget which rank he got to...Bad Jess)
Lone wolf
Profile of Shrike: Additional Information
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