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Basic Info
Full Name: Hvitserk Loðbrók
Pronunciation: /vitˈsər/ · /lädˈbräk/
Subspecies:Canadian,Eastern Timber,Unidentified,Mackenzie Valley
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (June 24th, 2016)
Birthplace: Sleeping Dragon, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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[Image: hvitserk_by_haizzee-dc8k4tb.png]

Height: 34 in. (86 cm) · Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg) · Length: 62 in. (157 cm)

→ Dark agouti; layers of black, browns, and white
→ Cream to white undersides
→ Tall; sturdy build
→ Seafoam green eyes

Human Counterpart / Voice Reference: Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman
So terribly quiet, plays the role of a mute more often than not. Cool and calculative, cares only for his sister.
→ Born to Gyda Loðbrók on June 24th, 2016 along with his three sisters: Freyja, Thyri, and Eske.
→ Leaves Sleeping Dragon with his sister, Freyja.
→ Joins Silver Creek with Freyja and her friend, Seff.
→ Leaves Silver Creek—and the Teekon Wilds entirely—to be with his sister.
→ Creates a pack with Freyja and Seff; named the Beta.
→ Pack disbands, continues to follow his sister.
→ Gets separated from Freyja; forced to travel by himself.
→ Found by a group of warriors and forcibly taken in by them; held as a captive.
→ Eventually noticed by the leader's brother; taken under his wing.
→ Trains for several months under the brother and other warriors; observes battles from afar.
→ Given the choice to leave after completing his training; accepts and begins his search for Freyja.
→ Finds his way back to the Teekon Wilds unintentionally.

        This will all be fleshed out further at a later date.
Pack History

Younger Siblings
Nyko ♀, Wardruna ♂

Maternal & Paternal family trees.
Sleeping DragonJune 24th, 2016 – December 18th, 2016
· Goufa
Lone WolfDecember 18th, 2016 – December 29th, 2016
Silver CreekDecember 29th, 2016 – February 11th, 2017
· Pi
Lone WolfFebruary 11th, 2017 – February 20th, 2017
Wildlings RidgeFebruary 20th, 2017 – April 17th, 2017
· Beta
Lone WolfApril 17th, 2017 – July 8th, 2017
Winters SummitJuly 8th, 2017 – November 2nd, 2017
· Captive, ↑ Apprentice
Lone WolfNovember 2nd, 2017 – December 16th, 2017
DragedaDecember 16th, 2017 – Present
· Branwoda, ↑ Kru
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Hvítserkr (Old Norse)Whiteshirt
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