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Mate to Valette
Basic Info
Full Name: Stark
Subspecies: Canus Lupis
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (2014)
Birthplace: Sun River Valley
At A Glance
Dark phased wolf with a playful grin nearly permanently on his face. Stark has piercing blue eyes and feathering of brown and some grey mixed into his coat.
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Profile of Stark: Details
Dark phase wolf with blue eyes. He has a large scar on his chest mostly covered by fur. He keeps it covered as much as possible, it is a source of anguish for him still.
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Cocky and brash, Stark is a passionate advocate for the greater good although sometimes his methods seem misguided. He is considered a 'chaotic good' and does tend to have people's best interests at heart. He can be selfish, although he rarely sees it.
Born to Curran and York alongside sisters Captain and Banner, Stark has a complex specifically about his father's love and affection especially when it comes to Cap. In an effort to finally break free and get out of Cap's shadow Stark branched out on his own determined to build his own empire.

His arrival into the Wilds soon found him in the company of Octavia who brought him into Marauder's Keep. He has quickly become a loyalist to her claim after the vanishing act of the pack's founding Alpha Warbone. With the addition of Harlyn and her troupe to the pack Stark was announced Beta. A fight between the two Alpha females put both out of commission and after several weeks Stark claimed the pack as his own and a week later appointed Banner his Beta. After a massive fight Octavia fled the pack in a fit of rage and Stark sets out to try and find her on several day trips. Things seemed to settle down and former acquaintances of Stark's, Pepper and Natasha joined the Keep.

After several weeks Stark found Octavia beyond all level of help - he stays at her side as she passes away before carrying her back to the Keep. After she passed and Banner's mate vanished the pair decided to leave the Wilds. They returned after almost a year and settled at Easthollow with their friend Valette. After several months Stark and Valette became mates and Stark accepted the position of Beta of Easthollow.
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Pack History
Curran "Lock" Phase x York Blackthorn
— 2012 Litter: Bluebird , Harlequin , Arkham , Gotham
— 2013 Litter: Polaris , Havok , Phalanx , Cipher
— 2014 Litter: Captain , Banner , Stark

Offspring: Tambourine (05.04.2016)

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He stayed mostly with his family until deciding to branch out, joining a few random packs. His ranks were unremarkable as he hasn't really stayed long enough to put down roots.

Marauder's Keep: Theta, Epsilon, Beta (06/23/16), Alpha (08/09/16 - 12/09/16)
Easthollow: Kappa, Iota, Eta, Zeta, Delta, Beta (11/22/17 -),
Profile of Stark: Additional Information
Based loosely and lovingly on Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Yes! His titles are insanely long for most threads but they are all various quotes from the MCU and comic arcs.
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