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Basic Info
Full Name: Caoilfhionn "Liffey" Frostfur née Blackthorn
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (June 22, 2016)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
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Profile of Liffey: Details

Character Model: Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore

Though she takes her name from her late aunt, Liffey takes after her parents and older brother in appearance, and is nearly identical to her littermate, Lagan.

Her pelt is a wash of gray shades fading to white along her underside. She sports the trademark black spine with slivers of white trimming the inky fur just past her shoulders to the middle of her back. Between her brilliant orange eyes is a smudge of white and trailing across her cheeks on either side is a streak of darker gray. Her visage is marred only by a scar that runs across the bridge of her nose, originally inflicted by a cougar and then broken deeper by Moonspear's alpha.

Liffey appears petite, delicate and sylph-like, but carries herself with subtle strength and confidence.
Since her youth, Liffey has proven herself to be a well-balanced mixture of both of her parents. She has her father's patience and level head and her mother's curiosity and fire. She has also developed a few personality quirks of her own that can be explained by neither parent, including a tendency to be easily distracted, which causes her at times to space out during conversations, which she isn't great at in the first place considering she is plagued with fragile self-esteem and is often shy, emotional and flighty.
In spite of being less than stellar at social interactions, Liffey is a fiercely proud and protective wife and mother. She has an elitist regard of her family and tends to look scornfully upon other children that are not her own, though she recognizes this as not being one of her better qualities and works very hard to keep it hidden. She also tends to be very traditional in her child-rearing - something that stems from the insecurities she blames on the way she was raised by her mother. She favors her sons over her daughters, treating them as the princes that will one day rise into kings like their father while she grooms the girls to be doting wives and mothers to their own future kings.

Liffey was born the product of bad timing and the best of intentions. She was conceived mere days before a swarm of locusts descended on her pack's lands, stripping away every strip of plant life and consequently driving out nearly all prey. It was the beginning of a famine that lingered for the entire length of her mother's pregnancy, causing damage not only to her home but to the woman who carried her.

In spite of the circumstances of her birth, Liffey spent the first month of her life in a safe and happy environment, surrounded by two loving parents and a doting older brother. Unfortunately, it seemed not meant to last as nearly a month after the litter arrived, Liffey's sister was kidnapped by a wolf her twin called a "monster". Her father left shortly after to search for Lucy, leaving her in the care of a far more less happy family.

But life went on. Finley eventually moved her two remaining pups to the rendezvous site where they could be closer to their extended family. Not long after, Elwood returned home with tidings of ill-luck in his search for Lucy. Finley left then to begin her own search, determined not to return without her second daughter.

Two months passed before Liffey saw her mother again. During that time, the pack experienced its second loss. Her Uncle and alpha of the Caldera, Peregrine, passed away "in his sleep" unexpectedly in late October, leaving the pack broken-hearted over his loss. It was around this time that one of the alpha pair's older daughters returned to them - Raven - and Liffey found herself something of a role model in the absence of her own mother.

Finley returned unsuccessful in her venture, but being too young to really remember her sister well, Liffey was simply thrilled to have her "moms" back with her again. But tragedy was not yet done with the Caldera for though the new year brought a new batch firebirds to the pack, it also brought the death of their remaining alpha and Liffey's aunt, Fox. Her parents both stepped up as alphas after the loss, and Finley and Raven took on the additional role as surrogate mothers to the new puppies who originally numbered six, but after a week were down to five.

A short time of peace followed the coming of the new litter, but soon enough the Wilds were set upon by a terrible Winter. The elements forced the pack to retreat into a cave near the center of the territory where the pack often sheltered from storms. After two weeks of unrelenting weather, the ice and snow that had built up on the walls of the Caldera finally collapsed under its own weight. The avalanche caused a cave-in that divided the pack from each other - Finley and four packmates trapped inside with the puppies with the rest of the wolves locked outside. It was four days before the pack managed to tear the wall down that separated the two of them. During their time apart, another of the firebirds had lost its life, leaving four of Peregrine's and Fox's last children left.

The weather eased shortly thereafter and the pack was finally free from their confinement. Life began to return to normal for most, but for Liffey, she began to feel disconnected from the rest of the pack. Her approach to adulthood brought on the typical teenage struggles. As her interest in finding herself and her passions began to grow, she started looking to her mother to be her guide in exploring these things. She found Finley to be distracted with the responsibilities of raising the firebirds as well as leading the pack. This caused resentment and bitterness to grow between the girl and her mother, which drove the wedge between her and her life at the Caldera even deeper.

Winter turned to Spring and most days found Liffey exploring the Wilds outside of the territory. She learned a great deal about the world around her, meeting a number of different characters and honing her scouting and naturalist skills. The idea of finding a new life for herself away from the Redhawks began to form slowly in her mind until finally, she met a wolf who made her an offer to join a small band of wolves all of a similar age who apparently were searching for a future just like the one she had decided she wanted.

Liffey took her time trying to decide whether or not she would join them. On the night of their departure, she had decided to remain behind until the conflict with her mother came to a final head, driving Liffey away from the Caldera once and for all. She spent a few days on her own, mourning the family she had sacrificed for her dream before catching up with Rannoch's pack and allying herself with them.

The group traveled together for a while before finding a home in Northstar Vale. During their time together, romance began to blossom between Liffey and her new alpha, Rannoch. The pair eventually began to court while the pack continued to establish itself. However, only a few short months after forming the pack at the Vale, Rannoch went missing and Liffey abandoned their ranks to search for him.

She eventually found Rannoch again in the care of Moonspear, who had taken him in after he was attacked and injured by a strange wolf. Liffey was accepted into the pack's ranks by their leader, Charon Ostrega, an old friend from before she left the Caldera. From the start, however, she knew her time at Moonspear would not be a comfortable one for her friend's three daughters had made it clear that she was unwelcome due to, she suspected, her relationship with Rannoch.

The pair officially became mates during their time at Moonspear and the arrival of Gannet Redhawk, another of Liffey's childhood friends, made it seem as though life on the mountain might work out for her. Unfortunately, an incident at the borders that resulted in the death of the alpha's other daughter also lead to the unfair detainment of Gannet, who had stepped in to prevent the death of another innocent--Titmouse Redhawk, whom Liffey had cared for as a younger brother during her time at the Vale.

Liffey saw Gannet's predicament as enslavement and that coupled with her continued feeling of being unwanted by the alpha's triplet daughters (a fact that drove Liffey to fear for the lives of the children she and Rannoch were planning to have in the Spring) lead her to approach Rannoch with the idea of leaving Moonspear. Feeling they had both satisfied their debts to the mountain, they agreed to go. The Ostregas who ruled the pack, however, did not feel the debt had been paid and took great offense at the abandonment, which lead to an altercation between Liffey and Charon that left her with a scar across the bridge of her muzzle that she still sports today.

Fortunately, that was the only physical injury the group sustained. Two friends had decided to join Liffey and Rannoch on this venture, and the four of them eventually settled on Sunspire and formed a new pack there with the young couple leading as alphas and their friends supporting them as betas. Rannoch and Liffey had their first litter upon its slopes, causing Liffey to step down so she could care for her new children.

Misfortune continued to follow her. The pack prospered for a while, but overcrowding between the adults they had recruited and the illegitimate litters they had inadvertently taken on caused a famine on the mountain. Seeing no other choice, they made the decision to leave and relocated to Lost Creek Hollow. Shortly after their arrival, a bear attack left Rannoch near death, and Liffey retreated from all other pack responsibilities for a time to help him heal.

The pair welcomed a second litter at the Hollow the following Spring. Rannoch recovered well enough from his injuries to step back up as a leader of the Hollow, and Liffey found herself wanting to do the same. She was held back, though, by the realization that those who had stepped in to take care of the pack while she was caring for Rannoch were unlikely to allow her to resume her rightful position. A rift had formed between herself and Terance, one of those who had joined them from Moonspear, long ago at Sunspire when she had stopped him from harming a wolf she had seen as an innocent child, and the mate he had taken alongside him had made it clear to her already that her own children would be treated as secondary to their own.

Unhappy with her position and uncomfortable among those who disliked her in the Hollow, Liffey and Rannoch took a trip to visit her family, only to discover that they were going through troubled times themselves. The death of the Redhawk alpha's sister and Liffey's brother's mate had left the sister packs reeling and her family shattered. The pair made the decision then to move the Frostfurs to the Redhawks so they could support their ailing family and give Liffey's children a home where they would be second to none.

This news was met back at the Hollow with anger, so Liffey was forced to collect their children and run. They arrived at the Plateau and joined the ranks of the Redhawks, who then moved the pack South to Golden Glade. They renamed the pack Frostfurs to honor the merging of their families and Liffey and Rannoch were promoted to lead alongside Raven and Quixote.

Pack History
Immediate Family
Mate - Rannoch Frostfur
Children - Deshyr Jr. Frostfur ♀, Wisteria "Wisp" Frostfur ♀, Remi Frostfur ♀, Breccan Frostfur(6/17/2018)
Aengus Frostfur ♂, Tiarnach Frostfur ♂, Eshe Frostfur ♀, Sionnach Frostfur(3/14/2019)
Connall Frostfur ♂, Darroch Frostfur ♂, Larkin Frostfur ♂, Willow Frostfur ♀, Holly Lu Frostfur ♀ (11/11/19)

REDHAWK CALDERA | June 2016 - April 2017
LONE WOLF | April 2017 - May 2017
NORTHSTAR VALE | May 2017 - September 2017
MOONSPEAR | September 2017 - February 2018
SUNSPIRE | February 2018 - October 2018
LOST CREEK HOLLOW | October 2018 - June 2019
FROSTHAWKS | June 2019 - present
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