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Lone Wolves

Mate to Lotte, Hemlock
Basic Info
Full Name: Arturo Fearghal
Subspecies: Coywolf (Northern Rocky Mtn. x Mackenzie Valley Wolf)
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years (May 3, 2013)
Birthplace: Quicksilver Hollow
At A Glance
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Profile of Arturo: Details
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— melanistic coywolf
— a silver fox
— due to stress and progressive premature greying arturo's fur has begun to streak with smoky grey & silver
— long legs, svelte build
— fiery red-orange eyes
— gray forehead tipped in over-creamed coffee
— black mask
— over-creamed coffee throat, chest & areas of his belly
— black legs, over-creamed coffee toes and tan tipped elbows
— black patches in his neck fur
— over-creamed coffee behind-the-shoulder markings, followed by a gray fade to over-creamed coffee dorsal cape
— dark brown shoulders and thighs
— dark grey ears
— black tail tip
— soothingly sinister, tough and ethereal


HUMAN MODEL & VOICE · Cillian Murphy
"but my peace has always depended on all the ashes in my wake"Arsonist's Lullaby · Hozier
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THE GANGSTER · loosely inspired by Tommy Shelby on BBC2's Peaky Blinders

ESTJ-A · The Executive. Arturo has a very strong gang mentality, due to the oppression he endured as a child and into his early adult years. He puts a lot of stock in his reputation, and uses it to his advantage to intimidate. He is clever, dangerous, ambitious and charismatic, always attempting to turn situations to his advantage and extend his influence. He might not have the physical capabilities of pure wolves, nor be particularly threatening by build alone he makes up for it by calculated body language and sharp mind. Taking on the “Dom/leader” role within his gang mentality he has realized that he doesn't have to have brawn to be effective. He's not the brawn: he's the brains. Given his gang mentality, his “family” is equally the most important part of his core makeup. Everything he does, he does for his Family. Arturo is the law, the fire and iron that forges it. If nothing else can be said about the gangster: it is that he is, truly, a family man. He adores all of his children to no end and there is little that he wouldn't do for them (if he had a redemption ark, it would probably be his children).

[align=justify]THE WITCH DOCTOR
ETNJ -A/-T · The Commander. — A survival, coping mechanism of a man who is undoubtedly broken beyond repair. The crack of the coy wolf’s mind that never fully mended as he’d assumed. Vulnerable by the death of his beloved nightingale the gangster selfishly surrendered to the witch doctor. The witch doctor is mentally unsound, a fickle beast whose emotions are utterly unpredictable. He enjoys poisons and collecting bones ( skulls, pieces of spines, etc ). He is possessive and highly intelligent, manipulative and enjoys studying others. Has no regard for how others perceive him and is happy to be left alone to his “studies”. Believes he is haunted by spirits and hears their voices though they are worse/better when he’s in certain company/territories.

Arturo regains his memories and returns to the Teekons, angry, guilty and determined to set things right and rebuild what he has lost.

Pack History
Only natal (parents and siblings) and nuclear (mates and offspring) relatives are listed.
PARENTS Cynbel x Boadicea✝
Bain , Bowie , Cearney , Devin (04/14/2015)
Mallaidh , Roarke , Eirlys , Ceallach (04/01/2017)
Droman , Reed (09/16/2017)
EX-MATES Lotte & Hemlock
see the full fearghal family tree here! hover over names for details! dates when you hover over lover's name indicate the beginning and end of the relationship. ✝ denotes deceased character.
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guardian — 08.08.2017
[Image: warrior_master.gif] — earned 10.06.2017

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