Profile of Rian: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Rian Damascus O'Malley Frostfur
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley x Northern Rocky Mtns. x Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (May 15, 2016)
Birthplace: Neverwinter Forest, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Rian: Details
[Image: 2AfjDh3.png]A sturdy adult with a brown coat, slight snaggle-teeth, and sunken jade eyes.

Sporting his father's stocky build, and the historically average height of his ancestors, Rian has finally come into his own. His musculature is compact, and his frame is solid. Thick chords of muscle wind around his shoulders and neck in a typically mesomorph pattern. His skull is broad, with slightly squat ears and a long, square muzzle. He is naturally toned and where he lacks in speed, he makes up for in endurance and strength.

His base coat is primarily a rich mahogany with a warm tan underside, and darker guard hairs scattered throughout to hint at black-phasing somewhere in his bloodline. On his cheeks the brown shade lightens to more of a chocolate hue, and a thin line of it runs into the apex of his cheekbone. A darker sienna cups his eyes and fades back into the lighter fur of his cheeks—a similar snip shadows the front and end of his muzzle. The color of his eyes is a mirror of his father's own: imperial jade.

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Temperamental. As a young and inexperienced wolf, Rian struggles to control the negative emotions that trouble him. He suffers from anxiety, and is known to have the occasional violent outburst when overstimulated or backed into a corner, verbally or physically.

Sensitive and withdrawn. His childhood was rife with sadness and turmoil, and he often comes across as aloof to protect himself from further pain. He is frightened that he might judged unfairly because of his anxiety, or his anger problems, so he resists talking about his emotions and keeps most interactions at a superficial level.

Critical. Despite his concerns about how others see him, he can be quick to jump to conclusions about others or situations if he suspects any measure of dishonesty as a result of his anxiety. He expects everyone to act in the interest of the greater good, and will make his displeasure immediately known.

Loyal. His faith in those he places his trust into is fathomless, and he will stop at nothing to protect those he loves which also leads to...

Vengeful. If he is wronged, be it to him directly or to those he loves, he will stop at nothing to exact his revenge. As the saying goes: "an eye for an eye".

Observant. This is Rian's most notable trait. He always seems to have one ear trained on the pack, and the other to the wilds. His gaze never settles in one place too long. It is always moving, shifting, and perceiving the world around them. If something happens, Rian is usually the first to know.

Steadfast. Nothing can shake him from his path. If put to a task, he will complete it.
Pack History
BROTHERS Rannoch & Cypress
PARENTS Kaskara x Keiran
SIBLINGS Szabala , Eimear , Dublin

extensive relations via kaskara's demonte & frostfur heritage which you can view here
NEVERWINTER FOREST—Tau, Sigma, (ages into the adult tier) Eta, Gamma
LONE WOLF—3/10/17-5/21/17
[Image: scout.gif] earned 5/21/17
LONE WOLF— 10/14/17 - 4/27/18
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