Profile of Doe: Quick Facts

by Caiaphas
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Mate to Szymon

Basic Info
Full Name: Doe Cairn
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (11/23/2013 - 10/5/2017)
Birthplace: Red-dirt plains
At A Glance
Small and lithe, with a dusky grey pelt. Large ears - one like and equilateral and one floppy and torn. Rarely seen without a bleached white jawbone held possessively in her mouth. Rumor has it that it belonged to her mate, Szymon.
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Profile of Doe: Details
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        Doe is a small, long-legged wolf. She's greyish-red in color, with a cream-colored underbelly and mid-length socks and pale, dusky grey guard hairs. Her eyes are bright yellow, and her ears are abnormally large and dark-tipped.

        Doe has a few notable scars: One of her ears is upright and pointed, while the other is ripped and floppy - an injury from her youth. She also has two vertical scars under each eye, given to her by her mate, Szymon, during a creepy ocean ritual. The wounds were opened and salted until they scarred to signify her obedience to the Sea.

                        [Image: OIFy8i9.png?1]
Entitled and capricious, but generally benign. Doe tends to drift off in conversation and will often get herself into trouble by assuming things, misunderstanding, or outright ignoring the words of others.

Though she likes to have fun and be silly, she has a good sense of when solemnity would be appreciated and a natural talent for worming her way out of sticky situations, often through flattery or manipulation (though she isn't afraid to beg her way out of situations when necessary).

After a prolonged period of near-starvation and seclusion, she's become a little more spacey and absent-minded than she was in her youth. She is now more prone to vivid imaginings, delusions of grandeur, and, occasionally, memory loss. This is especially true when she is forced to spend time alone or in unfamiliar places, or when under great emotional strain. During these times, she might forget who she is, where she's been, and what she's done, and has even mistaken strange wolves for her friends and family.
Doe was born into a small pack of Mexican wolves somewhere in the scrubby mountains of Arizona. Her mother was not the alpha of the pack, but was in good enough standing to be allowed to keep both pups from the litter - Doe and her bigger, stronger brother. Though her brother shows every mark of being a full-blooded wolf, Doe's long whiskers and narrow muzzle betray a bit of her father's distant coyote heritage.

As a pup, Doe had remarkably little trouble compensating for her smaller size. She can hold her own in a fair fight and is quick to call for her brother when odds are not in her favor. In adulthood, however, she's found that bravado can only do so well against raw power. She's learned to choose her battles wisely - which usually means her tail is tucked firmly between her legs.

When she reached the them, the Teekon Wilds were in the middle of a famine. Solitude and hunger drove her into madness - Doe was never meant to be alone for as long as she was, and she just wasn't equipped to deal with the life of a lone wolf. For a while, she could be found speaking to rocks, trees, the ocean, and her best friend Shink, the jaw bone.

After being found yelling at the ocean by Skellige, she began to follow the dark-furred male around, thinking that he the alpha from her own pack. By the time she figured out she'd been fooling herself, Skellige had already won her loyalties. She stayed with him at Stavanger bay to him him try to forge his own pack, and soon befriended his younger brother, Szymon.

As the pack formed around them, Skellige saw fit to offer her the title of Atoll - a beta. She accepted, though she had her doubts about whether or not she'd be good for the job, and has maintained the position since then, though she sometimes has trouble asserting herself.

After Blackrock Depths officially formed, Doe went off and stole a pup from Blackfeather Woods, who she raised as her own along with her husband, Szymon. Together, they had two more pups, who they raised alongside Skellige's new litter of four when the Leviathan disappeared. Soon after the Sea King's disappearance, others began to disappear as well, culminating in the disappearance of Doe and Szymon as well.

Doe returned alone to the Teekon wilds several months after her disappearance. She was notably thinner, and carried with her the mangled jawbone of some long-dead creature. She remained on Wheeling Gull Isle for a time, residing with her old friend Coelacanth, but ultimately died of starvation when she could not settle down enough to hunt for herself or eat among her packmates.
Pack History
Biological parents: Hind & Cactus Jaw
Father Figure: Riverbone
Den Mother: Mirage
Siblings: Buck

Mate: Szymon Cairn

-Julep Cairn
-Isengrim Cairn
Dry Creek Pack: 11/23/2014 to 7/4/2015
Lone Wolf: 4/4/2015 - 7/31/2016
Blackrock Depths: 7/31/2016 - 1/31/2017
Lone Wolf: 2/1/2017 - 8/6/2017
Undersea: 8/7/2017 - 10/5/2017
Profile of Doe: Additional Information
This character is dead.
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