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Basic Info
Full Name: Phocion Caesar
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (01/22/2015)
Birthplace: Some far-flung place
At A Glance
"I tell these stories because I, too,
want to dance with the
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Profile of Phocion: Details
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His eyes are the first thing you notice: a pure brimming blue lined in charcoal.
A small-framed wolf, about 80 pounds.
White plush fur with a slight tinge of gold, especially in the warmer months and on the points.
An easy, charming smile.
A thin crescent-moon scar running down his temple beside his left eye, with a smile star-shaped scar underneath it: relics of his initiation ritual.

[Image: WEGiCPH.png]
Art by e (Poet)
[Image: BchwypN.jpg]
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ENTJ * Lawful Good * Aquarius

Outwardly quiet and reserved, but becomes a chatterbox once you get to know him.
Openly fervent about his beliefs and values--zealot.
Kind and gentle-spoken, but not without a vindictive streak.
Would die for his friends.
Quick-witted wordsmith that seems to remember everything he's ever been told.

Very intelligent, but comes off snobby and pretentious to those he offends. Quick-witted. Shamelessly flirtatious with the ladies and charming to his friends. Acerbic and brutal to his enemies. Impulsive, so tends to get himself into sticky situations by virtue of his own mouth. Can get over-exuberant when excited. Has a soft side only brought out by very close friends.

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A brilliant bastard son of a dead mother who came to the Teekon Wilds as a yearling looking for opportunity. Instead, he found famine. Phocion stayed with the Silvertip Mountain pack for a while, but after deaths and hardships, the young man fled south for better prospects.

While away, Phocion was recruited by a filos of the Fengari religion, a group of pacifistic wolves that worship the night, moon and stars above all else and sleep through the day with its garish sun. He became kyrios-filos - a priest-missionary - and then returned to the Teekons, hoping to find more wolves to invite into the Fengari fold and to seek out friends and acquaintances he selfishly left behind.

After reconnecting with his old home and some former friends, Phocion wintered with the Bearclaw Valley pack. Spring bloomed, and his mission was put on hold. With a new vigor, Phocion left the valley, where he met Cortland. The two, inseparable, went to Silvertip Mountain, where Phocion hoped to claim his former dwelling and build a Fengari tribe of his own, named Argyros.

After multiple trials and tribulations, Phocion was scouting when he lost his footing, falling off a cliff and into the sea. Dead? Perhaps. Gone? Likely.

But anything is possible.

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Pack History
Best friend: Cortland Mayfair

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Aditya | Running away from his sordid past

Cam | Out finding himself in the world

Cortez | Traveling the world with his boyfriend

Denali | Stark raving mad somewhere, if not already dead

Imtiaz | Speaking in riddles to everyone he meets

Kaali | Killing all men in the name of extreme feminism

Llewellyn | Reigning as King of Mynydd, to the southwest of Teekon

Phocion | Wandering aimlessly without his memories

Sizzle | Hopefully back with his owners; if not, dead

Snowe | Making babies with Varrick somewhere

Tashkent | Trying to take over someone's pack, probably

Zamael | Wandering whilst being his grumpy gay self

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