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Basic Info
Full Name: Embry "Kai-tuenh" Amery
Subspecies: Alaskan Goldenmute/N. Rocky Mtn.
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (June 20)
Birthplace: Boa-yi Bay
At A Glance
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Profile of Embry: Details

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Himself, Embry had hefty boots to fill. His large paws, from a young age, provided the cumbersome foundations for his brawny stature. His coat, though sleek around the legs and torso, is (floofy) around the upper extremities of his neck and ears. He is always likened to that of a bear by his siblings. The honey-golden derivation of goldenmute and wolf is interwoven with deep, wild strands of tawny and brown ochres. A creamy froth completes the tips of tail, ear, and muzzle to resemble the grande macchiato that is Embry.


Ahwio! I'm Embry's Jaiena - an honorary symbol of his first successful hunt.

Embry was born within the finite ranks of a cove-dwelling society known as Tea-Kwa. His mother, the tribe's exclusive mistress (dubbed the Geeda Bwebe), took special interest in her son; the largest of the litter and quite auspiciously the colors of the ocean. The rest of his brothers, therefore (young and old, alike), held a sore spot for the boy. Jealousy, albeit rampant, could only empower Embry, who thrived spending his days fishing among the myriad of inlets native to the bay.

The jealousy of Embry's siblings boiled to the point that, a month prior to his first birthday, Embry was forced into exile by the pressure of impending death (thus leading to his jaundiced exile from the Tea-Kwa). Hardly a year old, the boy arrived within the Teekon Wilds with nothing but wit to survive upon. Immediately, he devised his first plan: to seek the most appropriate means of survival; specifically, to join a pack. Enter Broken Antler Fen: a perfectly valid option at the time, and not too daunting for the youth, who's social record up to this point had been understandably limited. To tackle this problem, Embry devised a strategy in which, for years to come, he would despise (though not without a surreptitious chuckle). He assumed the name of "Embry Valentine" and falsely produced a tear-inducing backstory involving his 'origins' within the Fen. Surprisingly, Embry was able to attain a maxim he would not soon forget: fake it til you make it. He was promoted to Theta before he exited the scene.

Embry proceeded from the Fen northward, til he ambled into Firefly Glen, having felt no true connection within the pack or its territory. Here, he grew to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the wisdom the place entailed. He even fell in love with a female by the name of Feyre, whom he had engaged in a skirmish over an elk carcass. Embry failed to appeal to Jhala's good-side as an Alphess, and he was refused a position within the Golden Glade
. Not long after, however, the naivety of youth made itself known, and Embry, convinced that he could not provide the life for Feyre she had left behind, made his leave in the twilight of morn. He never saw her again.

Pack History

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x Virginia

Brothers: Wayke

Sisters: Herren, Statten



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^^ Aliea
5.22.15 - Tea-Kwa


5.29.16 - Broken Antler Fen [Kappa]

6.19.16 - Promoted [Theta]


4.2.17 - Lone Wolf


1.2.19 - Stormrift [Ceto]
Profile of Embry: Additional Information
- Embry is patronymic from that of his father's surname ("Amery")
- "Kai-tuenh" is his tribal honorific. The Tea-Kwa Geeda Bwebe, his mother, chose this name for its literal Grebo translation: "foundation" (pronounced "K-eye-tune").
- For more information on Embry's origins, click here.
- If any of his relatives interest you, feel free to PM for adoption inquiries!
- Click meh
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