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Basic Info
Full Name: Althaia Convel
Subspecies: Mackenzie valley wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (July 17 2014)
Birthplace: North
At A Glance
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Profile of Althaia: Details
Small and lithe, Althaia's coat is a striking pale grey. Dark patches interrupt the paleness of her pelt across her shoulders and back. It never seems to be completely smooth, however hard she tries. Her pale green eyes are faded and not as vibrant as they were in her youth, but still beautiful. Her delicate build is lithe and graceful, allowing her great speed and agility but hardly any strength not bulk. Her features are feminine, ears small but pricked. Born the runt and scrawny, she never truly grew out of her smallness and thinness. An old injury to her back ankle caused extensive scarring and at times restricts her mobility, having not healed very well. She is beautiful, though not in a stunning way. Tiny.
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A silent creature. One filled with doubt, of herself and of others. Misguided, alone, her poor decisions in the past have caused her to doubt her thoughts now. Fearful, of what the future will bring. But yet, unquenchable hope causes her to keep dreaming, of a future in which things will finally come together.
When Althaia was 5 months old, her older sister by a year, Nemesis, killed the alpha of her pack. In the turmoil that followed, Althaia was discarded, and believed dead by Nemesis, the sister who dotted on the tiny pup. Now however, Althaia, having survived puppyhood, has made her way to Teekon, where her highly accomplished assassin sister also resides in a pack of darkness.

In pursuit of a meal, she passed into Moonspear territory. Dash, Delta, attacked her after she had trespassed, and Charon made her his Thrall. Now she serves them while slowly healing from a broken limb. She has made friends with Harley and Dash. After a month serving as a thrall, she developed feelings for Harley, a pack wolf, and the two become mates without the knowledge of the rest of the pack. In the middle of July, Althaia went into heat, and after being bred by both Charon and Harley, she escaped from Moonspear and travelled south-east with her mate.

She came across her long-lost sister, a joyous reunion, and her sister led her to her pack. Feeling on top of the world, and like her family might finally be complete, Althaia soon noticed that this was not the case. The pack was dark, filled with wolves with ill intention. Her mate was shunned, and he soon disappeared without a trace. Her sister was not who she had thought she was, and was busy with her own pups. Althaia was alone, prized only for her pups, and feeling trapped, figured out too late, in her final weeks of pregnancy, that she ought to leave. On September 10th, she gave birth to four pups in Blackfeather Woods. However, only three survive their first few days in the world. She soon escapes from the wood and finds a stable home in Easthollow. There, she lives happily a few weeks, pursuing a trade and building relationships with her packmates. However, her past finally catches up to her in the form of an assassin sent from the very wood she had fled from, and the end of a turbulent life occurs on October 31st, leaving her children orphans.
Pack History
Siblings Nemesis (older)
Mate Harley Quinzel (disappeared, status unknown)
Pups Keoni, Nikai, Witchhazel, Todd (deceased)
Moonspear: Omega (2016-05-31 - 2016-07-17)
Lone Wolf: Escapee (2016-07-18-2016-07-25)
Blackfeather Woods: Tyro (2016-07-25-Present)
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