Profile of Niita: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Niita Anreis
Subspecies: Arctic wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (January 13, 2014)
Birthplace: Asmundr
At A Glance
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Profile of Niita: Details
-White furred
-Blue eyes
-Pink nose
-Scar at the back of her neck from Maekir

Weight: 75 lbs
Height(to shoulder): 25 in
Length(shoulder to to tail): 36 in
-Whimsical/Playful(when accustomed to you)
Niita was raised in the pack of Asmundr, led by her parents, alongside her brother Finn and sister Lifa. They were part of a large but familial pack, one where they were all extremely close and Niita's parents were seen as parental figures to all the members rather than Alphas.

In a ritual for the males, one where they must leave for a week and return having made at least three kills on their own, Finn was killed by a male deer that gored him to death. The only male to return home was Kainan, a childhood friend of Nitta's that everyone expected her to mate with once they were of age.

It was shortly after that a mysterious male named Ranulfr broached their territory, threatening to return with his pack and wipe them out. When Lifa was ten weeks old she was abducted and murdered as a message to their pack.

Revolver, Niita's father, faced off with Ranulfr and was defeated. Once he was dead, Liana, Niita's mother, led the pack away to a different land. They lost several members along the way and eventually Liana died too. Many said she died of a broken heart..

Niita, Kainan, Raimo, and Zahira returned to Asmundr a year later only to find that the territory had been taken over by a completely different set of males. Niita was nearly assaulted on the border by two brothers-Maekir and Brimir-she was saved by Kainan. They managed to drive out the males with the help of Raela, a huntress amongst the males.

Later Kainan mated with Raela, who in turn gave birth to three pups. Raela felt that Niita was threat to their rule, banishing the wolf from the pack. Kainan did nothing to stop her, betraying Niita in the process.

Niita headed south for a fresh start where she enters Teekon in the midst of a famine..

In game:
Niita is intercepted at Silvertip Mountain's borders by Ezekiel and Steady. She becomes the pack's Eta. Niita becomes friends with most of the pack wolves, finding no enemies thus far. Steady asks her to become his mate after the two become involved in a relationship with each other.
Pack History
Father: Revolver (d)
Mother: Liana (d)
Sister: Lifa (d)
Brother: Finn (d)
Mate: Steady
Children: n/a


Lone wolf

Silvertip Mountain: Eta, Zeta, Delta
Profile of Niita: Additional Information
Has a fear of any males placing themselves over her body or grabbing her scruff due to her assault at Asmundr.

Speaks with a Greenland accent.

Lying to the Mirror by Gabrielle Aplin
Home by Gabrielle Aplin
I'm Not Dead by P!nk

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