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Full Name: Xaaos Naazhaluv
Subspecies: British Columbia Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (June 2014)
Birthplace: British Columbia Coast
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Like all those that belong to the inbred Naazhaluv family, Xaaos' color palette closely resembles that of his natal landscape. While sandy creams layer down his lower body, rocky grays cloak his spine and mask his face. He also shares the oceanic gray-blue of his kin's eyes.

While his body has taken a toll over the course of the famine, Xaaos still holds enough fiber in him for one to see that he was once an impressive sight. His long, lean limbs give support to a willowy torso, built for speed and agility, just lacking the stamina to put it in practice.

[Image: zhVFZLd.jpg]

In blunt words, Xaaos is a pathological narcissist. He has deliriums of grandeur and fantasies of power, relevance and omnipotence with an inflated self-esteem.

In summary, he's pretty much just a huge dick.

Voldemort - Xerxes - Viserys - Jafar - Hitler
Lucky to even be born, Xaaos is the heir of a pack whose ruling family is obsessed with blood purity to the point where they refuse to breed with other than blood-relatives. His father mated his cousin, who was the daughter of her own sister and uncle. Inbreeding has made Xaaos' ascendance a complicated web, and his genes a pool of defects that mess with his head and make him vulnerable to even the weakest of colds.

Xaaos was born along his litter-mate, Vutia, an unlikely occurrence given his family's record of difficult pregnancies, miscarriages and stillbirths. The rarity of this event also meant he was instantly betrothed to his own sister with the idea that their offspring would be ultimately pure. And by grace of the sea god (or so did his father claim), Xaaos was blessed with yet another sister the next year, who was also promised to him without hesitation.

The fickle Xaaos was raised with the idea that he, through his sisters, would bring to this world a new generation so pure that wolves all over the known world would vow before them, and so he grew arrogant with time, translating that promise into an idea of grandeur and omnipotence.

Things would have easily come to their climax, where he would conceive with Vutia as soon as she flowered for the first time; but a storm hit their coast in an unexpected turn of events, enraging the oceans and separating the male and his wives from the rest of their family. Confused and in fear, the trio ran deep into the mainland, away from the furious ocean and got lost. They tried to return when the storm ended, but none of them knew the way back, and so they wandered west hoping to meet the coast again at some point, only to find themselves crossing the land known as the Teekon Wilds during a very unfortunate period of hunger.
Pack History
His sisters are his wives, and his wives are his sisters.

Vutia & Dapphion Naazhaluv
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