Profile of Amber: Quick Facts
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Mate to Grayday
Basic Info
Full Name: Amber Ciel
Subspecies: Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (December 1st, 2012)
Birthplace: Starlit Hills
At A Glance
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Profile of Amber: Details
Amber, despite her name, has deep, beautiful fur the color of ebony. No other colors score her coat, though the darkness of her pelt does seem to have a blueish purple undertone to it when she's in the sunlight that resemble the color of raven feathers.
Her eyes are a deep, bold blue, and are sharp enough to gaze into your soul (or so she says).
She's not particularly short or tall, standing at just under two and a half feet and weighing a decent 120 pounds. She's not fat, but she does have generous curves: ones she certainly knows how to use to her advantage. Her graceful gait is one that demands attention, pride filled and regal.

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Amber is a very cunning and extremely intelligent woman. In her time as a loner, she's found playing the "dumb blonde" to manipulate others is sometimes the easiest way to go, but she is never without guilt in these times.
Sometimes, she really is a dumb blonde.
She sees herself as royalty, as a queen, but not one who expects anyone to really pay attention to it. She does want to rise in ranks for respect, but she's not overly dominant or aggressive about it. If there was any real reason she would want to be Alpha or Beta it would be so her pups future was ensured.
She is very kind to all who she meets, giving the benefit of the doubt to all.
Unfortunately, this heart of gold is her downfall-she's very easily hurt or offended, and depending on the situation may hold a hell of a grudge.
On the good side, she likes to joke around and have fun: she's actually very much like a pup.
She cannot help but be a hopeless romantic, ignoring the fact that she's extremely flirty, though she's never had anything last more than a few months. One day she will actually take a mate and have pups, but time has raised her expectations of the man she'll choose.
She's a naturally competitive, confident and ambitious female, despite her loyal and calm nature.
In truth, this vain queen has got a hell of an ego and strives to uphold herself to her own morals and way of life, no matter what others think of her.

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Amber never had been one to hold still, and left when her youngest sister was around six months to travel. It was a nice pack, a great home, and Amber was well liked within the family, and one day she said she would return.
Fate, however, had other ideas. An infectious disease (rabies) broke apart the pack and sent survivors scattering before Amber returned.
Deciding to track down her sister, Spring, only because she knows a relative direction she's in, Amber has come to the Teekons in hopes of joining her youngest blood member.
It takes her a long time to find the new Alpha of Silver Creek, but eventually she does and earns a rank at once. It's not long before she's a loyal and dedicated Creek wolf, finding the silvery waters her home just as much as the pack she lives with.
After Indra and Laurel go missing and Amber is lashed out at, she starts to feel very underappreciated, and leaves to scout for the girls for a month- a week after coming back, however, she went into heat.
The first male to find her, Grayday, conceives with her Sunny and Dawn- but she isn't so confident that her lover will come back to her like he says. Just in case, she searches out another mate to care for her-upon finding naive and young Dagfinn ready to fulfill her wishes, she accepts his offer of mateship (spurred on by her twisting of words and lack of telling him-or anyone- he was too young to be the father) and tells him they can co-parent from their neighboring packs.
Unfortunately, she does slip, telling Heston of Grayday who in turns tells Spring, but too late - Amber leaves one morning to make things right: Silver Creek members, Day, and Dagfinn, and to raise her kids in a place they deserve with their whole family.
After meeting Day in the woods and finding Dag, the trio travel all the way to Easthollow. It is there Dagfinn departs to visit his sister, but she and Grayday stay in Easthollow, where they plan to raise the kids.

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Pack History
Sisters: Spring, Fluer, Natashe
Brothers: Ven, Kii, Kalik

Lover: Dagfinn
Mate: Grayday

By Grayday - Sunny Dagfinn Ansbjørn-Ciel & Dawn Spring Ansbjørn-Ciel.
Starlit Hills: first year of life

Nomad: second year of life

Silver Creek: June 15th, 2016 - October 10th, 2016

EastHollow: October 27th -
Profile of Amber: Additional Information
Fluent in both English and French.

(Partial) Human Counterpart: Marilyn Monroe
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