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Basic Info
Full Name: Portia Rose Moreau
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years (August 15th, 2014)
Birthplace: Broken Valley
At A Glance
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Profile of Portia: Details

>> White with black freckles on her face and black patches along her backside
>> Petite size with small feet
>> Thin frame
>> Peridot green eyes that appear to pop out of a thin face
>> Hint of a southern accent, acts often like a true southern bell.
>> Has a quirk for skulls, will collect them and fill them with pretty rocks, trinkets, and plants.
>> After an unprecedented attack, Portia broke her left foreleg. She will now always walk with a limp, and it's slightly crooked in the middle, which will never properly heal.

"She'd never seen a girl so moontouched, aside from her own mother and the Moonsister. The strike of black, like a last minute paintbrush had set shadows on her back to cancel out what great power the moon could fill that starlight pelt with, was enchanting." -Antigone(Pixel)

"She was made of moonlight and shadows, the very image of the moon battling the heavens for dominance." -Stark(Katy)
|| Original Personality ||
Portia is a fiery girl with a eye for perfection. She's sarcastic and sassy and prefers to get her way. She enjoys joking around and goofing off, not caring much for her rank. She's a free spirit and tends to flit between likes and territories. Although she's rather chaotic and flirtatious, she has a soft-spot for children and an extraordinary mothers instinct. It would not be like her to settle down and have any of her own, however.

|| Recently Developed Personality ||
Portia is a rather mellow and motherly creature with a love for all things plants and rocks. She's flirtatious and playful, but has somewhat settled her inner free-spirit. She's a chatty girl, never finding a halt in conversation and often tossing her endless supply of plant and medicinal knowledge around to wolves who may not ask for it-- though she will never apologize for oversharing. As of recently, Portia has grown more comfortable with the idea of relationships, but suffers from severe commitment issues.

|| Current Personality ||
Portia is a settled woman. She is open an accepting to all, but very much set in her own ways. She is loving, motherly, and quite stubborn. Portia will talk for hours, sharing her endless knowledge of plants and herbs and rocks, and also occasionally giving advice-- sometimes even when it is not asked for. Though she veers away from men now (besides her own husband), Portia still tends to use her charm to manipulate, or merely to turn heads away from herself should something she do ever go wrong. In a way, Portia has become her mother, though she would never admit that.
Portia was born to a single mother, knocked up by God knows who God knows when in the midst of a June heat. Broken Valley was a lenient pack with few rules, so they cared little when the woman gave birth to a bastard litter, treating them instead like any pack should treat a bundle of newborns.

Portia's mother taught her everything she knows about herbs and plants, and constantly reminding her everything that a woman should and shouldn't be. The freckled girl decided to remember certain pieces of those lectures and forget the rest, making her the most well-mannered southern belle you've ever met, and the best woman to take home with you. Her mother was strict as ever though, and Portia's lack of care for rules or ambition caused her mother and her to quarrel often. It led to Portia's eventual standing up to her mother, and then to her leaving the pack at the ripe age of 11 months. She wandered and learned as she went, stopping in packs to reap benefits such as food and lovers, and then would move to the next place.

Before her second birthday, she decided she was too weak to continue, and was forced to join a pack. She joined Sleeping Dragon, hoping for her stomach to fill back out and to return to her journey. Fate would have it, however, that she fell in love with the pack, and cannot bring herself to leave the well-marked borders.

Despite her usual need to find constant lovers, Portia has recently found herself hanging around the same man, Dio. It is unclear the course of action she will take.
Pack History
Mother || Charlotte
Father || ??
Sister || Mercedes

** after Portia left Broken Valley, her mother later gave birth to a single child, Corinna, her relation to the yearling is unknown.

Mate || Dio
Children || March 17, 2017 || Dalia || Sirio*
June 7, 2018 || Dacio || Sequoia || Opalia
|| Pup || Epsilon ||
|| June 25th, 2016 - December 17th, 2016 || Kru || Skayona ||
|| December 18th, 2016 - Present || Skayona || Fisa ||
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