Profile of Asherah: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Asherah
Subspecies: Red Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years (07/13/2014)
Birthplace: Bernheim Forest
At A Glance
A lithe red female with a long thin nose and large ears. White starts at the lower jaw and travels along her belly to the underside of her pillars. Peppered brown and black fur scatters down her spine and tail. At first glance one might first mistake her as coyote but she is pure lupine. Her eyes are bright orange, calculating as they are burning.
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Profile of Asherah: Details
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Asherah is fitting of her species, with lovely red coloring. She bears darker brown fur along her shoulders down her spine and along her tail. She has pale white fur along her belly and chest, rising to cover her chin. Her eyes burn orange, lit with fire from within. Her form is lithe and graceful, fitting of the smaller breed of red wolf. Though she bears resemblance to a coyote, she is pure wolf.
She was born to a loner couple in the hills of Kentucky. Pursued by man, her family was never able to stay in one place long. She was forever longing for a permanent place, safe from the ruthless humans that plagued her family's life. At birth she had three siblings, two brothers and a sister. They grew in the quick and restless way of those who are unsafe and afraid.

Her first experience with death was that of her brother, Batnoam. When they were still young and clumsy they were forced to flee their densite by hunters. Her parents rushed them out and quietly along, but urgency was not yet something they had mastered. Batnoam was behind her one moment and the next he was not. Her mother continued forward with her remaining three while their father returned to search for their sibling.

The small pup was found in a small creek, having tumbled down or perhaps simply off the cliff face to the side. It was a managed fall for an adult, but not for one so young. Her family mourned. Following her brother's death they were blessed with a period of relief. They had outrun the hunters, for a time she was allowed to grow as a normal wolf. Before she'd reached her first year, however, they began to run into problems with humans again. They had traveled far from the place they been born, but humans had no tolerance for their kind. Her parents had been in the process of establishing a pack, so far only consisting of the five of them, when hunters began to seek them once more.

At first, they were hopeful they could just lay low and be left alone. The longer they hid themselves though, the more the men looked. Finally, they were found. They began to run again, fleeing what they had hoped to call home. In the darkness a loud boom sounded and before her very eyes Asherah watched her father's body crumple, his blood spraying her. They all stopped to try and rouse him but the ragged remains left them to realize there was no hope. They fled tearfully, another beloved member lost to the hand of man.

They made the mistake of stealing thrall prey from the humans, the beasts that lived within metal vines and were fed and kept. They were desperate for food at this point, having no suitable hunting grounds to call their own. They had survived on hare and squirrel, but the sight of such a well fed and stupid creature (a sheep) tempt them more than they could handle. On this run from humans they became trapped, their mother, intent on not losing another child, demand they flee as she distract the humans. They could not disobey and after watching their dam head towards the humans they fled away. Asherah could not know for sure, but she swore she heard the firestick that night as well. She believes her mother dead.

Three remained of six, and her two siblings decided that they were safer apart. Though it hurt her heart to do so, they all headed separate ways. She hopes that perhaps one day she can meet them again, but she is plagued by the fear that they too have died.

She finds the Teekon lost and afraid, searching for reason and a permanent home. Not long after arriving she met a wolf by the name of Eshamun and was ushered into the world of Molech. Eshamun's talks of Molech remind her much of her parent's own worship for a nameless god, known only as GOD to Asherah. She soon discovers that her name is born from the faith of Molech, and is in fact Molech's own beloved. She knows not why her parents named her what they did, but believes that Molech has had his Many Arms encircling her for her whole life. Eshamun shows her the light of Molech and she is enraptured for the God that she accepts as her own.

Unbeknownst to her, her parents had splintered from the original wolves who worshiped Molech. They were unwilling to sacrifice fully to their God and fled, forcing death and pain unto their children and their own lives. Her brother was sacrificed to attempt to appease Molech when they first ran from hunters, and for a time this brought her parents peace. Their unwillingness to serve however brought the wrath of Molech upon them again. Finally, after many years, Asherah had reunited with the true religion. She does not yet know of her parents trespass, but she has accepted Molech into her heart.
Father: Ahirom

Mother: Ara

Siblings: Ata (Sister), Batnoam (Brother- Deceased), Aions (Brother).
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