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Art by Mike Mignola
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Full Name: Tetsubō Oni
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (April 2014)
Birthplace: 民兵の丘 (Militia Hill)
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[Image: tumblr_n6tatvOeGe1rfhhf3o2_500.png]
( 30" X 110LBS )

— mesomorph (agile)
— muted tans, blue-silver, and sterling tones across his body
— carries himself as if gravity is too much to bear
— smells like petrichor, bark, and subtle pine
as he was raised with a strict military background, one might expect some level of control to his actions and a measure of thought imbibed throughout; yet this is not the case with tetsubo. after surviving the brutality of his upbringing and having no potential for connection with the others of the regime, he only knows how to interact with others through his own brutality. though he remains a silent watcher through every situation, when overwhelmed or without purpose he is quickly stripped of his sense of self and remains in a state of barely-contained aggression.

tetsubo is a weapon. all weapons are designed to be used by a knowledgeable master, which is precisely what he now seeks. while the boy is not utterly mindless in his pursuit of a lord to serve, he is eager for one, desperate perhaps as the days wear on. once he finds someone to serve he will most likely be their lackey for life. he puts himself last in every situation while the safety and security of his lord—and the laws put forth by that lord—are obeyed without question, as well as enforced with a righteous fervor.

characterized by a sense of reliability and honor as well as the desire to remove freedom, choice, and diversity from the world. tetsubo is the epitome of lawful; what laws he follows are dictated by his master, but he obsessively believes them to be the only choices, and had been conditioned not to question anything. he is honorable in his actions as they adhere to the structure put forth by these laws. while others might perceive him to be an outright evil being—or perhaps a thoroughly good one—it all boils down to his master's whims. this makes him sound mindless, and to some degree he is; but deep beneath his many layers of conditioning may be something else, something new, that he had yet to unleash upon the world. something entirely tetsubo which has been laying dormant within his psyche.
Pack History

Family tree is here. If you are interested in adopting a member of his family (either a direct littermate or otherwise) feel free to send a PM to my main account (Screech).
Minpei no oka — birth to 1 year.


黒曜石 (Blackrock Depths)
Bushidō to Skellige

ワルシャワ (Warsaw)
Bushidō to Skellige
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