Profile of Cypress: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Specimen 3382
Born: Cypress Benvolio Frostfur
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 (June 27, 2016)
Birthplace: Neverwinter Forest
At A Glance
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Profile of Cypress: Details
General Appearance
Cypress is a tall, broad-shouldered, long-legged wraith with a mesomorphic build and a sinister mien. His glossy, silver-tipped pelt features the subtle grayscale gradation typical of a melanistic wolf; highlights of charcoal are appreciable along his nape, shoulders, and undersides, while his face, torso, and legs boast a deeper stygian shade. A single asymmetrical patch of white fur marks his chest. His pelage is wild and unkempt, especially across his neck and shoulders, and juts out in an unruly array of eldritch quills. The raven’s eyes are a baleful brimstone yellow. A pale gray tracery of cicatrices pulls the leftmost corner of his mouth into an immutable grimace.

Current Condition
A mirthless, jaded specter, rawboned and ill-prepared for the coming winter. Significant scarring on all four legs, long and roughhewn, mauve-gray in hue where the fur has not yet grown back.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
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Cypress is a guarded introvert whose ink-stained heart and tormented mind are constantly at war. He is as capable of profound tenderness as he is of ruthless malevolence, and because of his relentless inner turmoil it can be difficult to predict his reactions to various stimuli. The eidolon can generally be counted on to be loyal, chivalrous, and largely aloof among strangers. Heavily influenced by his father’s commitment to his mother and his self-perceived failure to protect Eshe in Scimitar’s absence, Cypress is at his sweetest when in the company of females and instinctively greets them with varying degrees of subservience without the cloying veneer of patronization.
Pack History
         Paternal: Tiberious and Rapier
         Maternal: Rannoch and Maree

         Parents: Scimitar and Eshe
         Littermate: Rannoch
         Half-Siblings: Pasha , Allure , Whittier , Swift , Bathsheva , Scythe , Shamshir , Wilder
         Adopted Siblings: Julius , Relonikiv , Kjalarr

         Uncles: Saber, Falchion, Estoc, Kieran
         Aunts: Kaskara, Bhreac
         Cousins: Szabala , Rian , Eimear , Dublin

Cypress is related to an incomprehensible number of wolves due to his widely mixed heritage; not all are listed, and of those listed, he is only acquainted with a handful.
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Profile of Cypress: Additional Information
Cypress is lovingly inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe.
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