Profile of Rhodes: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Rhodes 'Rhodey'
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (March 2013)
Birthplace: Helena Valley
At A Glance
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Profile of Rhodes: Details
The solid brute is of a darker colour. His body a deep shade of dark brown ripples down his back, and tappers out to black. His four paws are pure black, matching the tips of his tail and his ears. His muzzle, while still the darker tone of brown seemed to grow even darker, becoming black.
Rhodes is a strong character, and is wise beyond his years in more ways than one.He is kind of heart and deathly loyal to those who have proven themselves to be loyal as well. Once he starts on a mission or a project he will see it through to the end, though he won't waste his time on something he deems hopeless with a few exceptions.

He is a gentle soul with a major soft side for his close friends and family but having a calculating mind and extensive knowledge in battle planning makes him quite an enemy.

Around those he likes he shows his goofy nature. He is good with dry wit and quick banter, usually seen engaging in this type of humor around his brother Stark.

Rhodes was born to a middle tier couple, the were granted a litter only because of their loyalty and the abundance of food. This being said him and his sister Jean always had to work for what they wanted, they were not guaranteed anything as they would have been had they been an alpha or beta pairs pups. Rhodes thought himself lucky to be alive. He worked hard, and he was rewarded with ranks.

It was during this time of joy in his life that a loner entered his packs territory. His superiors wished the loner harm, however Rhodes stopped their attacks. This loner became his best friend and his brother in arms, Stark.

It wasn't until a wild fire decimated his home territory that Rhodes finally decided to leave. His father and sister died in the fire and his mother was never the same. Rhodes couldn't watch his mother suffer any long. Leaving his mother in the capable hands of his Uncle and Niece, Rhodes left Helena Valley, searching his own path.


He left with his heart full of sadness and anger, he couldn't stay with his blood family. He couldn't watch his mother suffer so. So leaving was the only thing he could do. He sought out his adopted brother, Stark. He had grand ideas of them travelling the world together as loners. Although he was met with quite a surprise...


7.11.2016 - Encounters best friend Stark in the Raven's Keep and accepts his offer of joining the Marauder's Keep pack.

7.18.2016 - Meets Stark's sister Banner for the first time, and enters the territory of his new family.

(Undetermined timeline)-Sticks with Stark when he claims the alpha hood of Marauder's keep.

(2016-2018)- Becomes plagued with guilt for leaving Helena Valley in such poor shape and leaves Teekon to return. Upon finding the old territory he realizes they left and moved on and spends a whole year searching.

He finally finds his Uncle Jashen and Niece Lenena but is informed his mother was too weak both physically and emotionally and had died months after he left. Feeling guilt for abandoning them Stark vows to help rebuild Helena Valley and alongside Jashen finds a new territory.

A year is spent rebuilding Helena Valley which under his Niece's suggestion was renamed Terralia, a mixture of his mother and father's names in memorium. He leads as co alpha beside Jashen and they gain members, though he often missed and yearns for Stark and Marauder's keep.

(March 2018- present)
When Terralia is stable he decided to leave it to Jashen and Lenena, returning to teekon.
Pack History
Terrance {Father} - Deceased
Talia{Mother} - Deceased

Jeanette {Sister} - Deceased

Jashen {Uncle} - alive
Lenena {Niece} - alive

Stark {brother} - alive

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I. Omicron:[March 14th, 2013 - March 14th, 2014]
II. Eta:[March 14th, 2014 - June 23rd, 2015]
III. Delta:[June 23rd, 2015 - May 13th, 2016]

LONE WOLF :[May 13th, 2016 - July 11th, 2016]

I. Theta:[July 11th, 2016 - present]



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