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Mate to Nikai

Basic Info
Full Name: Alya Ostrega
Subspecies: mixed wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (August 18th, 2016)
Birthplace: Moonspear
At A Glance
Black fur, blue eyes. Svelte and becoming. Has a small notch upon her right ear. Mischievous, Mona Lisa smile. Attractive.
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Profile of Alya: Details
A mature, thicc shewolf. Dark of pelt and bright of eye. Average stature with a build that is made for fight as much as it is flight. Small, plush ears top a rounded, feminine face. Looks exactly the same as her mirror-sisters, Hydra and Lyra, down to the notch on each of their right ears. Even when their scents are not mixed together, they are extremely hard to tell apart.

Scent: Deep stone caverns. Sterile waters. Dust.

Human Reference: Ariana Grande
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Lawful Good, but with a serious case of Values Dissonance

Alya might seem, on the outside, to be very cold-hearted and out-for-herself, but in reality, she cares very deeply for her family - especially her identical sisters, Hydra and Lyra. She would do anything for her loved ones, including laying down her own life. This sometimes manifests in acts of violence or betrayal, but Alya still submits to the laws of her family.

Alya rarely acts in ways she considers unjust. She simply has so little regard for others that it seems as inconsequential as stepping on a couple ants to harm others for the sake of her own or her family's gain. Only her family and a few other, choice wolves actually qualify as real individuals, with the rest occupying some space between beloved family pets and scenery.
Alya was born into Moonspear alongside two identical sisters and one oddball, Korei. Throughout her youth, Alya shunned Korei in favor of her identical and favored sisters, Hydra and Lyra. The trio got into all sorts of mischief and played many games of 'Border Patrol' and 'Capture the Princess'.

Raised by doting father Charon and indulgent mother Amekaze, Alya grew into a willful, precocious adolescent. She does not like being challenged by anyone she considers underneath her, and often acts without thinking things through, assuming she can handle anything that she runs into. As a child, this led to the death of her minder, Dash, by the claws and fangs of a hungry wildcat. This event seemed to trigger a certain amount of violence within the triplets, who began defending the borders with vigor, even going so far as to take lives.

When she was a year old, trouble began brewing in the valley her mountain home overlooked. Wolves were being kidnapped and attacked. At first, Blackfeather Woods seemed to be the culprit, and Alya feared them. As time went on, however, and Alya learned more about her family's history, her hatred turned to the wolves of Redhawk Caldera. This culminated in the death of her younger sister, Galaxy, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding it. A wolf from Redhawk Caldera was seen fleeing the scene. Alya and her sisters later attacked him and removed his eye.

As an adult, Alya is far more reserved, though she is still just as willful. She has had several brief romances, most notably with Cypress and Nikai. Currently, she has set her eyes upon Vaati, the young leader of Blackfeather Woods. She dreams of a time when war does not ravage her family and her freedom, and hopes to one day take a trip to see what the wilderness has to offer.
Pack History
Parents: Charon and Amekaze Ostrega
Littermates: Hydra, Lyra, Korei
Siblings: Jarilo, Galaxy, Vela, Ran
Half-Siblings: Nikai, Keoni, Komue, Kotake
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Small, and walks in shadows. Still, still full of life. Fitful, forgetful, resting with cat eyes. A watcher. A dancer. A girl who climbs trees.