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Full Name: Hexe (Hex), formerly known as Foxglove
Subspecies: Wolf and dog mixed in somewhere in the background
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (2015 - 2018)
Birthplace: Tomorrow glen
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Foxglove is of average height and build for a yearling. A bit on the lanky and awkward side and occasionally she trips over her own feet. Golden-brown eyes. Yet the most remarkable thing about her looks is her coat pattern that due to a somatic mutation (read about it in dertail here - ) bears a rather unusual appearance. The base is agouti with prominent black and white splotches here and there. Her face is half-yellowish brown, half-black. Looks similar to African Wild Dog, but is by no means related to the species. The coat pattern is something she won't be able to pass on to her offspring and that also puts her at disadvantage, when it comes to camoflouge.
Foxglove holds an aura of mystery around her. She refers to herself as "two people in one" and quite often she speaks in the name of her invisible sister Junebell. Either she is imaginary, or the young wolf is suffering from split-personality, or it's just a trick she employs to draw and divert the attention from her. She gives an impression of a kind, generous, naive and a silly person, yet you never know, what is going on under the surface. She is good at keeping back things she does not want others to know.

Foxglove suffers from epileptic seizures of varying severity, therefore it may be possible that this "invisible sister" is the result of the hallucinations the brain activity causes. She is also prone to have temporary memory losses, which means that her permanent memory is like fish-net. Some things stick, some go through and are never remembered.

Due to the seizures, she is unable to speak at the moment, though she understands, what others tell her.
She refers herself as coming from a place called Tomorrow glen and now and then she talks about various family members, as well as certain events of her life. Yet the way she tells it makes one hard to piece together her whole story and, whether she tells the truth or not, is never known.
Pack History
Most notable relation is her invisible sister Junebell. After an epileptic seizure the invisible sister has become silent and Foxglove has almost forgotten about her existence.
Lone wolf and Trash dog for a very long time.

Ironsea pirate since January.
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