Profile of Osprey: Quick Facts
Mate to Dante
Played By: Me
Basic Info
Full Name: Osprey Redleaf-DiSarinno
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf, etc.
Sex: Female
Age: 6 (March 17, 2011)
Birthplace: Seahawk Valley, British Columbia
Profile of Osprey: Details
Osprey takes after her namesake (and a handful of other relatives): her fur is a dozen shades of gray, . save for the shock of black fur at the nape of her neck, she's rather unremarkable. Though now, as she ages the gray is fading out and her face, chest and feet are in a grayish white color. Her figure is midsize (29 in. x 5.25 ft. x 108 lbs.), and sleek, built for speed rather than strength. Her eyes nearly match those of her closest brother, Peregrine; they are a dusky jade.
Kind and nice, loyal to her family and would never give up on any of her family members, witty - sometimes with a sharp edge, likes to joke, but sometimes the jokes ain't funny or very nice. Imaginative, loves good stories and even though she has had some education in starwatching, she likes to come up with constellations of her own. Shares a strong bond with siblings from her litter.
Osprey resided in Flightless Falcons along with dozens of other relatives for her entire life, up until a series of unfortunate events: her father died, her mother stepped down and her elder brother, Tyrannus, took over the pack. His rise to power and his subsequent tyrannical behavior caused incredible upheaval when he exiled many of his male relatives.
After her best friend Peregrine was exiled, she wished to follow him, but he convinced her to stay. Even though she did not like the way Tyrannus treated their family members, she understood his reasons and remained loyal to him. She also stayed close to her mother during her last days in the world.
After March Owl passed away, she felt that it was finally time for her to begin a new chapter in life and left with her younger sister Koontz. They traveled together to Teekon wilds, where there was promise for a better life. Their ways parted there and she has been on the lookout for a new home since then.
Since arriving to Teekon wilds Osprey has been a long term member of Blacktail deer plateau and has been on a longer absence only twice. When her brother Peregrine together with his mate Fox decided to found a new pack, Osprey stayed behind, choosing to go her own path and finding friends and eventually new family among the pack members. She is especially close with Dante, Lasher and Blue willow.
On April 2015 Osprey gave birth to four stillborns and though she has accepted, what happened, there is a part of her that has not got over the sense of guilt and responsibility for their deaths. During a fire in the plateau that happened in June the same year, she fled and lost her way and it took her a little over 3 months to return home. Her eyesight is diminished due to the burns to the face she suffered from.
The most notable event happened in December, when she asked Dante to become her mate and he accepted. In May 2016 she gave birth to three children - Wraen, Sarah and Terance - and in September of the same year she and her family departed from Teekon wilds to look for a better place to live. They led mostly a nomadic lifestyle until in early 2017, when it was clear that in two months time there would be another litter born they finally settled down in an unclaimed place, the name of which has yet to be revealed.
Her immediate family include her parents, Aether DiSarinno and March Owl Redleaf, and her litter mates, Atticus, Crete and Peregrine. She has many other relatives too.

As of December 2015 Dante is her mate and with him she has nine children:

- Born May 2016: Wraen , Terance and Sarah .
- Born March 2017: Cassandra , Coriander and Maia
- Born March 2018: Janus , Jupiter , Junona

People she considers her family: Charon, Lasher and Blue willow.

She has a friendly relationship with Burke.
Pack History
Flightless Falcons: Lucidus (03/17/2011 - mid-January/2014); Lone Wolf (mid-January/2014 - beginning of February/2014); Blacktail deer plateau (02/03/2014 - 05/21/2014); Lone Wolf (05/21/2014 - 07/29/2014); Blacktail deer plateau (07/29/2014 - 17/06/2015); Lone wolf (17/06/2015 - 29/10/2015); Blacktail deer plateau (29/10/2015 - 05/12/2015); Donnelaith (05/12/2015 - September 2016)

In September 2016 Osprey and her family departs Teekon wilds and leads mostly a nomadic lifestyle until in early 2017 she and Dante settles down together with their children and some other pack-mates met during the journey. Pack name is yet to be revealed.
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