Profile of Hemlock: Quick Facts

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Mate to Arturo, Lotte
Basic Info
Full Name: Isley "Hemlock" Kali
Subspecies: Red Wolf Mixture
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (07.03.14)
Birthplace: Awenasa
At A Glance
[Image: NlWLy6.gif]Bright red coat, cream underbelly, vivid green eyes. Isley is a petite wolf, built for speed and not her strength. Across the right side of her face and body are several scars from a cougar.
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Profile of Hemlock: Details
Like many of her line she is petite and small. Thanks to her red wolf heritage she has a brilliant red coat. There is darker red along her spine, hips, and the tip of her tail and a smudge to her forehead.

Marked with a tenacity and a drive past her young age, Isley is a woman with a skill with herbs that has been passed down through her family line. She is protective of those younger than her especially, and as a stigma of her youth has a wary stance on males during courtships.
Born out of force with three siblings Isley grew up mostly sheltered, her mother paranoid about the children's father coming back for them. It rubbed off on Isley, she doesn't trust males at the start in particular and worries that others are out to get her. She stayed with her family until she reached her second birthday and then headed out on her own.
Pack History
Mother: Tiva Kali
Father: Turpin Achen
Siblings: Gotham Kali, Azrael Kali, Rayen Kali
Extended: Kali family
Mate: Palisander , Arturo & Lotte
Ward: Sirius Svartell Tapat
Godchildren: Mallaidh , Roarke , Eirlys , Ceallach (04/01/2017)
Children: Droman , Reed (09/16/2017)

The tribe was established with two set paths that wolves decided to follow; they became apprentice wolves that either followed the Doba pathway ('no war' meaning) of caretakers, medics, and historians, and the Dezba pathway ('goes to war') as mercenaries, guardians, and hunters. The tribe is mostly made of the Kali line and their mates, it is common for offspring to keep the Kali name. They are also skilled botanists and medics trailing back generations.
TEAGHLAIGH - Leifteanant
TEAGHLAIGH - Leifteanant, Oifigeach
Profile of Hemlock: Additional Information
The Kali line has mastered horticulture, she learned from her mother, who learned from her father, who learned from his mother Legacy Kali, who learned from her mother Fatin Kali. Isley knows many remedies for healing and care-taking.

From this her specialties lie in being a medic, midwife, and botanist by trade.
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